Pennsylvania Mysteries
Robert Aiello
  • Grant Montgomery: a 40-something retired mentalist and entertainer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Neil Albert
  • Dave Garrett: disbarred lawyer turned private eye in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Nancy Bartholomew
  • Stella Valocchi: ex-Florida cop, now a private investigator in Chester County, Pennsylvania

Cordelia Frances Biddle
  • Martha Beale: in 1840s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Janet Bolin
  • Willow Vanderling: who left a corporate job to open a machine embroidery shop in fictional Elderberry Bay, Pennsylvania, in the Threadville mysteries

Laura Bradford
  • Claire Weatherly: owner of an Amish speciality shop in the fictional Amish town of Heavenly, Pennsylvania

Karen Rose Cercone
  • Helen Sorby: a social worker, and Milo Kachigan, a policeman, in 1905 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Edie Claire
  • Leigh Koslow: an ad copywriter in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Judy Clemens
  • Stella Crown: Harley-riding dairy farmer, in Pennsylvania

Sheila Connolly
  • Eleanor “Nell” Pratt: fundraiser for The Society for the Preservation of Pennsylvania Antiques, in the Museum mysteries

K.C. Constantine
  • Mario Balzic: a small-town police chief in Rocksburg, Pennsylvania

Shelley Costa
  • Eve Angelotta: 30-ish former dancer, now chef at her family’s Italian restaurant outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Annette Dashofy
  • Zoe Chambers: paramedic and deputy coroner in rural Vance Township, Pennsylvania

D.H. Dublin
  • Madison Cross: former star medical student with the Crime Scenes Unit, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Scott Flander
  • Eddie North: a police sergeant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Shelly Fredman
  • Brandy Alexander: a reporter returning home after four years in L.A, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dimitri Gat
  • Yuri Nevsky: an information specialist in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Kathleen George
  • Richard Christie: homicide detective in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mark Graham
  • Wilton McCleary: a Civil War veteran and policeman, in 1870s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

W.E.B. Griffin
  • The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Police Force in the Badge of Honor series

Jane Haddam
  • Gregor Demarkian: former FBI department head in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Robin Hathaway
  • Dr. Andrew Fenimore: a family physician in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

M.T. Jefferson (H. Paul Jeffers)
  • Kate Fallon: young woman during World War Two in a small town in Pennsylvania, in the Homefront mysteries

Merry Jones
  • Zoe Hayes: in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with her young daughter

Solomon Jones
  • Mike Coletti: homicide detective in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Karima “Cream” Thomas: young woman taking the fall for her drug-dealing boyfriend, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Bill Kent
  • Shep Ladderback: an aging obituary writer for a tabloid, and his assistant Andrea “Andy” Cosicki, who also writes the Mr. Action consumer column, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

William Lashner
  • Victor Carl: down-on-his-luck, money-hungry lawyer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thomas Lipinski
  • Carroll Dorsey: private investigator in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Alice Loweecey
  • Giulia Falcone: former nun now working for Frank Driscoll, an ex-cop private investigator, in Pennsylvania

CJ Lyons
  • An ensemble cast medical suspense series — emergency room doctor Lydia Fiore, medical student Amanda Mason, resident Gina Freeman, and nurse Nora Halloran — at Angels of Mercy Medical Center, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Valerie S. Malmont
  • Tori Miracle: an ex-New York City crime writer turned novelist, in Pennsylvania, in the Pennsylvania Dutch mysteries

Nancy Martin

Roxana “Roxy” Abruzzo: an independent-minded niece of a Mafia boss with a teenage daughter, owner of Bada Bling Architectural Salvage, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Nora, Emma and Libby Blackbird: three sisters who inherit a two million dollar tax debt from their high-society parents in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Holly Menino
  • Tink Elledge: 50ish nationally-ranked equestrian and horse trainer living with her fourth husband on a horse farm near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Barbara Mikulski & Marylouise Oates
  • Eleanor “Norrie” Gorzack: Polish-American US Senator from Pennsylvania

Richard Montanari
  • Kevin Byrne: a detective, and his new partner, Jessica Balzano, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Donna Huston Murray
  • Ginger Barnes: a headmaster’s wife and suburban mother in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tamar Myers
  • Magdalena Yoder: owner and manager of a Mennonite inn in Hernia, Pennsylvania
Dennis Palumbo
  • Daniel Rinaldi: psychologist specializing in treating victims of violent crime, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Todd Ritter
  • Kat Campbell: police chief and single-mom in peaceful Perry Hollow, Pennsylvania

Gillian Roberts
  • Amanda Pepper: high school teacher in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Eric Sauter
  • Patrick Paige: police detective in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lisa Scottoline
  • Rosato & Associates, an all-women law firm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

George D. Shuman
  • Sherry Moore: blind psychic who can relive a murder victim’s last moments, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bart Spicer
  • Carney Wilde: private investigator based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jonathan Stagge (Patrick Quentin)
  • Dr. Hugh Westlake: general practitioner, and his daughter Dawn, in rural Pennsylvania

Sarah Strohmeyer
  • Bubbles Yablonsky: a hairdresser and journalist in Lehigh, Pennsylvania

James Tucker
  • Jack Merlin: a surgeon and magician in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Barbara Workinger
  • Hannah Miller (Granny Hanny): mystery reader and quilt-making enthusiast, in Pennsylvania, in the Amish Country mysteries

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