Patrick Quentin
Richard Wilson Webb [1901-1966?] (through 1952) & Hugh Callingham Wheeler [1912-1987]
Peter Duluth, an alcoholic theatrical producer, and Iris Pattison, an actress (and later wife), in California, Mexico City, and New York City:

A Puzzle for Fools (1936)

Puzzle for Players (1938)

Puzzle for Puppets (1944)

Puzzle for Wantons (1945)
APA: Slay the Loose Ladies (1948)

Puzzle for Fiends (1946)
APA: Love Is a Deadly Weapon (1949)

Puzzle for Pilgrims (1947)
APA: The Fate of the Immodest Blonde (1950)

Run to Death (1948)

Black Widow1 (1952)
APA: Fatal Woman (1953)

My Son, the Murderer1 (1954)
APA: The Wife of Ronald Sheldon2 (1954)

Timothy Trant, a Princeton-educated police lieutenant in New York City:

Death for Dear Clara3 (1937)

File on Claudia Cragge3 (1938)

Death and the Maiden3 (1939)

Black Widow4 (1952)
APA: Fatal Woman (1953)

My Son, the Murderer4 (1954)
APA: The Wife of Ronald Sheldon5 (1954)

The Man with Two Wives (1955)

Shadow of Guilt (1959)

Family Skeletons (1965)

Non-series written as Patrick Quentin:

The Follower (1950)

The Man in the Net (1956)

Suspicious Circumstances (1957)

The Green-Eyed Monster (1960)

The Ordeal of Mrs Snow: And Other Stories (1961)

Death Freight and Other Murderous Excursions (2022)

Non-series written as Q. Patrick (Richard Wilson Webb except as noted):

Cottage Sinister6 (1931)

Murder at the Women’s City Club6 (1932)
APA: Death in the Dovecote (1934)

Murder at Cambridge (1933)
APA: Murder at the ’Varsity (1933)

S.S. Murder7 (1933)

The Grindle Nightmare7 (1935)
APA: Darker Grows the Valley (1935)

Death Goes to School8 (1936)

File on Fenton and Farr8 (1937)

Death and the Maiden8 (1939)

Return to the Scene8 (1941)
APA: Death in Bermuda (1941)

Danger Next Door8 (1951)

Written as Jonathan Stagge
Dr. Hugh Westlake, a general practitioner, and his daughter Dawn, in rural Pennsylvania:

Murder Gone to Earth (1936)
APA: The Dogs Do Bark (1937)

Murder or Mercy (1937)
APA: Murder by Prescription (1938)

The Stars Spell Death (1939)
APA: Murder in the Stars (1940)

Turn of the Table (1940)
APA: Funeral for Five (1940)

The Yellow Taxi (1942)
APA: Call a Hearse (1942)

The Scarlet Circle (1943)
APA: Light from a Lantern (1943)

Death, My Darling Daughters (1945)
APA: Death and the Dear Girls (1946)

Death’s Old Sweet Song (1946)

The Three Fears (1949)

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