Georgia Mysteries
Lynn Abercrombie (Walter Sorrells)
  • Mechelle Deakes: African-American police detective demoted to the cold case unit, in Atlanta, Georgia

Mary Kay Andrews (Kathy Hogan Trocheck)
  • Eloise “Weezie” Foley: recently divorced antique dealer, and BeBe Loudermilk, a triple-divorced restaurant owner, in Savannah, Georgia

Mignon F. Ballard
  • Miss Dimple Kilpatrick: a longtime first-grade teacher during World War II, in Elderberry, Georgia

Linda Berry
  • Trudy Roundtree: the only woman on the Ogeechee  police force in Ogeechee, Georgia

Ruth Birmingham (Walter Sorrells)
  • Sunny Child: private investigator with Peachtree Investigations in Atlanta, Georgia

Sallie Bissell
  • Mary Crow: half Cherokee assistant district attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

Stephanie Bond
  • Carlotta Wren: former rich girl now working in Neiman Marcus after her parents skip to avoid prosecution for white-collar crime, in Atlanta, Georgia, in the Body Movers series

Duffy Brown
  • Reagan Summerside: running her consignment shop The Prissy Fox with her Aunt KiKi, in Savannah, Georgia, in the Consignment Shop mysteries

Bailey Cates (Cricket McRae)
  • Katie Lightfoot, a novice witch and professional baker working at her aunt and uncle's bakery, in Savannah, Georgia, in the Magical Bakery mysteries

Beverly Connor
  • Lindsay Chamberlain: forensic archeologist in Georgia

Robin Cook
  • Dr. Marissa Blumenthal: investigator at the Centers for Disease Control, in Atlanta, Georgia

Thomas H. Cook
  • Frank Clemons: homicide detective in Atlanta, Georgia (later a private eye in New York, New York)
Lila Dare (Laura DiSilverio)
  • Grace Ann Terhune: recently divorced beautician working in her mother's salon in the tourist town of St. Elizabeth, Georgia, in the Southern Beauty Shop series

Nora Deloach
  • Simone Covington: paralegal in Atlanta, Georgia

Phillip DePoy
  • Fever Devilin: folklorist and native of the Georgia Appalachians
  • Flap Tucker: finder of lost things and a private investigator who uses meditation instead of a gun in Atlanta, Georgia

Judy Fitzwater
  • Jennifer Marsh: murder-mystery writer in Georgia

Nicola Griffith
  • Aud Torvingen: half-American, half-Norwegian lesbian ex-Atlanta cop and self-defense teacher

Charlaine Harris
  • Aurora Teagarden: librarian in Lawrenceton, Georgia

Kay Hooper
  • Trey Fortier: homicide detective in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Hagen, government agent in the USA
  • Lane Montana: finder of lost things, in Atlanta, Georgia

Takis and Judy Iakovou
  • Julia Lambros: cafe owner and part-time speech pathologist in Delphi, Georgia
  Nick Lambros: Greek immigrant and cafe owner in Delphi, Georgia
Lelia Kelly
  • Laura Chastain: assistant district attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

Virginia Lanier
  • Jo Beth Sidden: bloodhound trainer and tracker in Georgia

John Logue
  • John Morris: Associated Press sportswriter focusing on golf and football, and his love interest Julia Sullivan, based in 1970s Atlanta, Georgia

Brent Monahan
  • John Le Brun: retired sheriff in 1890s in  Brunswick, Georgia

Gail Oust
  • Piper Prescott: transplanted Yankee running a spice shop, in fictional Brandywine Creek, Georgia, in the Spice Shop mysteries
Louise Shaffer
  • Three elderly friends named Margaret: (and then two), in Charles Valley, Georgia

Sarah Shankman
  • Samantha Adams: crime reporter in Atlanta, Georgia

Celestine Sibley
  • Kate Kincaid Mulcay: veteran newspaperwoman in Atlanta, Georgia

Karin Slaughter
  • Dr. Sara Linton: pediatrician and coroner in Grant County, Georgia

Patricia Houck Sprinkle
  • Sheila Travis: publicist in Atlanta, Georgia
  • MacLaren Yarbrough: business-owner turned magistrate in Hopemore, Georgia

Mary Stanton (Claudia Bishop)
  • Brianna Winston-Beaufort: a lawyer who inherits a haunted law firm, in Savannah, Georgia, in the Beaufort & Co. series

Fran Stewart
  • Biscuit McKee: librarian, and her cat, Marmalade, in Martinsville, a small town in northern Georgia

Maureen Tan
  • Jane Nichols: secret agent turned mystery writer in Savannah, Georgia

Maggie Toussaint
  • Baxley Powell: landscaper and pet-sitter with “dreamwalking” powers, assisting the county sheriff, in Georgia, in the Dreamwalker mysteries

Kathy Hogan Trocheck
  • Callahan Garrity: cleaning business owner in Atlanta, Georgia

Robert W. Walker
  • Marcus Rydell: retired police detective working as a private investigator, and Dr. Katrina “Kat” Holley, in Atlanta, Georgia

H.O. Ward
  • Aramus P. Limpkin: professor of history at a college in Georgia, and Dr. Galimatias, a semi-retired physician based in New Orleans, Louisiana

Livia J. Washburn
  • Delilah Dickenson: owner of a travel agency in Atlanta, Georgia, in the Literary Tour mysteries

Tina Whittle
  • Tai Randall, running a Confederate-themed gun shop, and Trey Seaver, a corporate security expert, in Atlanta, Georgia

Fred Willard
  • Non-series set in Atlanta, Georgia

Amanda Kyle Williams
  • Keye Street: Chinese-American private investigator, booted out of the FBI for alchoholism, in Atlanta, Georgia

Sherryl Woods
  • Amanda Roberts: investigative reporter in Atlanta, Georgia

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