Patricia Sprinkle
Sheila Travis, a publicist in Atlanta, Georgia:

Murder at Markham (1988)

Murder in the Charleston Manner (1990)

Murder on Peachtree Street (1991)

Somebody’s Dead in Snellville (1992)

Death of a Dunwoody Matron (1993)

A Mystery Bred in Buckhead (1994)

Deadly Secrets on the St. Johns (1995)

MacLaren Yarbrough, a business-owner turned magistrate in Hopemore, Georgia, in the Thoroughly Southern mysteries:

When Did We Lose Harriet? (1997)

But Why Shoot the Magistrate? (1998)

Who Invited the Dead Man? (2002)

Who Left That Body in the Rain? (2002)

Who Let That Killer in the House? (2003)

When Will the Dead Lady Sing? (2004)

Who Killed the Queen of Clubs? (2005)

Did You Declare the Corpse? (2006)

Guess Who’s Coming To Die? (2007)

What Are You Wearing To Die? (2008)

Katharine Murray, who finds strange events in the past in the Family Tree mysteries:

Death on the Family Tree (2007)

Sins of the Fathers (2007)

Daughter of Deceit (2008)

Other fiction:

Hold Up the Sky (2010)


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