Stephanie Bond
Stephanie Hauck
The Voodoo series, in Mojo, Louisiana:

In Deep Voodoo (2005)

Finding Your Mojo (2006)
APA: Voodoo or Die (2014)

Carlotta Wren, a rich girl now working in Neiman Marcus after her parents skip to avoid prosecution for white-collar crime, in Atlanta, Georgia, in the Body Movers series:

Body Movers (2006)

2 Bodies for the Price of 1 (2007)

3 Men and a Body (2008)

4 Bodies and a Funeral (2009)

5 Bodies To Die For (2009)

6 Killer Bodies (2009)

Linda Guy Smith and Octavia Guy Habersham, estranged sisters taking over a faltering private detective agency in a strip mall, in Lexington, Kentucky:

Two Guys Detective Agency (2013)


Our Husband (2000)

Got Your Number (2001)

I Think I Love You (2002)

Kill the Competition (2003)

Party Crashers1 (2004)

Whole Lotta Trouble (2004)

License To Thrill (2014)

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