Mysteries Set in Kent
Michael David Anthony
  • Richard Harrison: retired intelligence officer, now working for Canterbury Cathedral, in England

Ron and Janet Benrey
  • Nigel Owen: director of the Royal Tunbridge Wells Tea Museum, and curator Flick Adams, in England

Christianna Brand
  • Inspector Cockrill: attached to a constabulary in Kent County, England

Barbara Ninde Byfield
  • Simon Bede: an Episcopal priest and assistant to the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Helen Bullock, a world-famous photographer

Heron Carvic
  • Miss Emily D. Seeton: retired British art teacher in Kent, England

Lesley Cookman
  • Libby Sarjeant: middle-aged actress and private investigator, in Kent, England

Judith Cutler
  • Fran Harman: Detective Chief Superintendent nearing retirement, in Kent, England

Paul (P.C.) Doherty
  • Nicholas Chirke: young lawyer in medieval England, in the Canterbury Tales mysteries

Frances Ferguson
  • Jane Perry: French-speaking, university-educated detective sergeant in Canterbury, Kent, England

C.L. Grace (Paul Doherty)
  • Kathryn Swinbrooke: physician, apothecary, and death investigator in 15th century Canterbury, England

Mollie Hardwick
  • Doran Fairweather: antiques seller, married to vicar Rodney Chelmarsh, in Kent, England

Amy Myers
  • Peter Marsh: wheelchair-bound ex-policeman, and his daughter Georgia, who investigate unsolved murders in Kent, England

Elizabeth Peters
  • Amelia Peabody: Victorian feminist Egyptologist from Kent, England

S.D. Sykes
  • Oswald de Lacy, the young Lord of Somerhill Manor, during the Black Plague in mid-14th century Kent, England

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