Humorous Mysteries
(all have a dash of humor; some are hilarious)
Douglas Adams
  • Dirk Gently (alias of Svlad Cjelli), a holistic detective who investigates based on the fundamental interconnectedness of all things, in London, England, in this comic, sci-fi mystery series

Susan Wittig Albert
  • China Bayles: herbalist and former attorney, in Pecan Springs, Texas

Garrison Allen
  • Penelope Warren: ex-Marine mystery bookstore owner, and Mycroft (Big Mike), a 25-pound Abyssinian, in Empty Creek, Arizona

Eric Ambler
  • Arthur Abdel Simpson: comic rogue and petty crook, in England

Donna Andrews
  • Meg Langslow: decorative blacksmith in a southern town

Mary Kay Andrews (Kathy Hogan Trocheck)
  • Eloise “Weezie” Foley: a recently divorced antique dealer, and BeBe Loudermilk, a triple-divorced restaurant owner, in Savannah, Georgia

Mignon F. Ballard
  • Augusta Goodnight, a Guardian angel

Sandra Balzo
  • Maggy Thorsen: 40-something divorcée running a coffee shop, Uncommon Grounds, with two women friends in the small fictional town of Brookhills, Wisconsin

Colin Bateman
  • Dan Starkey: journalist in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Cynthia Baxter
  • Jessica Popper: veterinarian in Long Island, New York, in the Reigning Cats & Dogs mysteries

M.C. Beaton
  • Hamish Macbeth: police constable in Scotland
  • Agatha Raisin: London advertising retiree living in the Cotswolds, England

Alan Beechey
  • Oliver Swithin: children’s book author in England

Mike Befeler
  • Paul Jacobson: an 80-something amateur sleuth, in the Geezer-Lit series

Nancy Bell
  • Biggie Weatherford, a grandmother, and J.R. Weatherford, her grandson, in Job’s Crossing, Texas

William Bernhardt
  • Ben Kincaid: attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Lawrence Block
  • Bernie Rhodenbarr: burglar and bookseller, in New York City

Susan M. Boyer
  • Liz Talbot: private investigator with a ghostly sidekick, in fictional Stella Maris, South Carolina

Lilian Jackson Braun
  • Jim Qwilleran: journalist with cats Koko and Yum Yum, in Pickax, northeast central United States

Simon Brett
  • Melita Pargeter: widow of a thief in England
  • Charles Paris: charming alcoholic actor in England
  • Carole Seddon: retiree in Fethering, England, in the Fethering Mysteries

Steve Brewer
  • Bubba Mabry: private investigator in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Don Bruns
  • Skip Moore and James Lessor: best friends since grade school, in Florida

Dorothy Cannell
  • Ellie Haskell: interior decorator, Ben Haskell, a writer and chef, and occasionally Hyacinth and Primrose Tramwell, a pair of dotty sisters and owners of the Flowers Detection Agency

Sarah Caudwell
  • Hilary Tamar: medieval law professor in Oxford, England

Meg Chittenden
  • Charlie Plato: country-western tavern owner, in San Francisco, California

Jill Churchill
  • Jane Jeffry: suburban housewife and sleuth in Chicago, Illinois

Edie Claire
  • Leigh Koslow: ad copywriter in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Blaize Clement
  • Dixie Hemingway: former sheriff’s deputy, now a professional pet sitter, in Sarasota, Florida

Harlan Coben
  • Myron Bolitar: injured basketball player turned sports agent in New York City

Tim Cockey
  • Hitchcock Sewell and his Aunt Billie, certified morticians in Baltimore, Maryland

Jeffrey Cohen
  • Elliot Freed: recently divorced writer and proprietor of an old movie theater, in New Jersey, in the Double Feature mysteries

Alisa Craig (Charlotte MacLeod)
  • Dittany Henbit Monk: garden club member, and her husband Osbert Monk, an author, in Lobelia Falls, Ontario, Canada, in the Grub-and-Stakers series
  • Madoc Rhys: Royal Canadian Mounted Police inspector, and his wife Janet Rhys, in New Brunswick, Canada

Bill Crider
  • Dan Rhodes: laid-back sheriff with a motley crew of deputies, in Blacklin County, Texas
Casey Daniels
  • Penelope “Pepper” Martin: tour guide at a cemetery, who can talk with a mob boss ghost, in Cleveland, Ohio

Diane Mott Davidson
  • Goldy Bear: single mom and caterer, in Aspen Meadow, Colorado

Jo Dereske
  • Helma Zukas: librarian in Washington state

Denise Dietz
  • Ellie Bernstein: a diet group leader, and homicide Lt. Peter Miller, in Colorado Springs, Colorado

James D. Doss
  • Charlie Moon: Ute police officer in Grant Creek, Colorado

Ruth Dudley Edwards
  • Robert Amiss: retired civil servant in England

Selma Eichler
  • Desiree Shapiro: 5' 2" queen-sized private investigator in New York City

Janet Evanovich
  • Stephanie Plum: bounty hunter in Trenton, New Jersey

Liz Evans
  • Grace Smith: private investigator in Seatoun, England

Nancy Fairbanks
  • Carolyn Blue: a food writer in El Paso, Texas, in the Culinary Food Writer series

Jerrilyn Farmer
  • Madeline Bean: caterer in Hollywood, California

Jasper Fforde
  • Thursday Next: agent of the Special Operations Network, Literary Division, in Great Britain a funny sci-fi, alternate history series
  • Detective Jack Spratt: investigator in the Nursery Crimes Division, in Reading, England

Bill Fitzhugh
  • Bob Dillon, a pest exterminator in Queens, New York, and Klaus Müller, an assassin, in the Assassin Bug thrillers
  • Rick Shannon: FM rock disc jockey and private investigator in the Mississippi Delta

Joanne Fluke
  • Hannah Swensen: manager of The Cookie Jar in Lake Eden, Minnesota

G.M. Ford
  • Leo Waterman: wisecracking private eye in Seattle, Washington

Gwen Freeman
  • Fifi Cutter: bi-racial, 20-something, freelance insurance investigator, in Los Angeles, California

Christy Tillery French
  • Natasha Chamberlain: young investigator, and Jonce Striker, founder of Investigative Services, Inc., in Knoxville, Tennessee

Kinky Friedman
  • Kinky Friedman: country-western singer turned sleuth, in New York City

Eric Garcia
  • Vince Rubio: velociraptor and private investigator, in Los Angeles, California

Anne George
  • Patricia Anne “Mouse” Hollowell: retired English teacher, and Mary Alice “Sister” Crane, who out-lived three husbands, in Alabama, in the Southern Sisters mysteries

Dorothy Gilman
  • Mrs. Pollifax: grandmother and CIA agent in New Jersey

Annie Griffin (Sally Chapman)
  • Hannah Malloy and Kiki Goldstein: an unlikely pair of 60-something sisters in Marin County, California

Chris Grabenstein
  • John Ceepak: veteran of the Iraq war, and his sidekick Danny Boyle, in Sea Haven, New Jersey

Peter Guttridge
  • Nick Madrid: freelance journalist

Parnell Hall
  • Cora Felton: crossword creator with a nationally-syndicated column in Bakerhaven, Connecticut, in the Puzzle Lady mysteries
  • Stanley Hastings: actor and private investigator in New York City

Timothy Hallinan
  • Junior Bender: high-end burglar who moonlights as a private eye for crooks, in Los Angeles, California

Janice Hamrick
  • Jocelyn Shore: a high school teacher from Austin, Texas

David Handler
  • Stewart “Hoagy” Hoag: celebrity ghostwriter in the United States, and his faithful basset hound, Lulu

Rosemary Harris
  • Paula Holliday: 30-ish former TV executive who opens a landscaping-gardening business in Springfield, Connecticut, in the Dirty Business mysteries

Jamie Harrison
  • Jules Clement: archaeologist turned sheriff, in Blue Deer, Montana

Carolyn Hart
  • Annie Laurance: mystery book store owner, and Max Darling, investigator, in Broward’s Rock, South Carolina, in the Death on Demand series

Sparkle Hayter
  • Robin Hudson: cable news reporter in New York City

Gabriella Herkert
  • Sara Townley: investigator for a law firm in Seattle, Washington, in the Animal Instinct mysteries

Joan Hess
  • Arly Hanks: small-town police chief in Maggody, Arkansas
  • Claire Malloy: small-town bookstore owner in Farberville, Arkansas

Carl Hiaasen
  • Non-series books set in Florida

Steve Hockensmith
  • Otto “Big Red” Amlingmeyer and his brother Gustav “Old Red” in 1890s Montana, who become interested in being detectives after reading a Sherlock Holmes story, in the Holmes on the Range series

Hazel Holt
  • Sheila Malory: writer of literary criticism in Taviscombe, England

David Housewright
  • Rushmore (Mac) McKenzie: former St. Paul cop who becomes a smart-talking and unlicensed prirate investigator, in St. Paul, Minnesota

Sue Ann Jaffarian
  • Odelia Grey: plus-sized, middle-aged paralegal, in southern California
Stuart M. Kaminsky
  • Toby Peters: 1940s Hollywood private investigator in Los Angeles, California

Marshall Karp
  • Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs: police detectives in Los Angeles, California

Marne Davis Kellogg
  • Lilly Bennett: ex-cop private investigator in Roundup, Wyoming

Kate Kingsbury
  • Lady Elizabeth Hartleigh Compton: in Sitting Marsh, England during WWII, in the Manor House mysteries

Laura Levine
  • Jaine Austin: freelance writer in Los Angeles, California

Rita Lakin
  • Gladdy Gold: Florida’s Oldest Private Eye and her gang of retirees, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Liz Lipperman
  • Jordan McAllister: substitute culinary reporter in the fictional small town of Ranchero, Texas, in the Clueless Cook mysteries

Dick Lochte
  • Serendipity Dahlquist: gum-snapping 15-year-old girl, and Leo Bloodworth, a grumpy 50-something private investigator, in Los Angeles, California

Jess Lourey
  • Mira James: assistant librarian and part-time reporter, in Battle Lake, Minnesota, in the Murder-by-Month mysteries

Lisa Lutz
  • Isabele “Izzy” Spellman: 28-year old sleuth working for her parents’ private investigation firm, in San Francisco, California

Charlotte MacLeod
  • Max Bittersohn: art detective, and his socially connected wife, Sarah Kelling, in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Peter Shandy: college botany professor, and Helen Marsh Shandy, a librarian, in Balaclava County, Massachusetts

Mary Jane Maffini
  • Camilla MacPhee: who runs an advocacy agency for victims of violent crime, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Tim Maleeny
  • Cape Weathers: reporter turned private investigator, in San Francisco, California

Shane Maloney
  • Murray Whelan: political aide in Australia

Claire Matturro
  • Lillian (Lilly) Belle Rose Cleary: eco-conscious junior partner in a prestigious law firm in Sarasota, Florida

Susan McBride
  • Andrea “Andy” Kendricks: 30-something webmaster who escaped her formal debut for art school in Chicago, returning to Dallas, Texas, in the Debutante Dropout mysteries

Sharyn McCrumb
  • Elizabeth MacPherson: forensic anthropologist in southern USA
  • Jay Omega: college professor and science-fiction autho

Gregory McDonald
  • Irwin M. “Fletch” Fletcher: reporter turned beach bum socialite in the United States

G.A. McKevett
  • Savannah Reid: plus-sized private investigator in southern California

Patrick McManus
  • Bo Tully: sheriff of Blight County, Idaho

Fidelis Morgan
  • Lady Ashby de la Zouche, Countess of Clapham, a 60-something former mistress of the deceased Charles II, fallen on hard times, and her former maid Alpiew, around 1700 in London, England

Katy Munger
  • Casey Jones: unlicensed private eye in North Carolina

Tamar Myers
  • Magdalena Yoder: owner and manager of a Mennonite Inn in Hernia, Pennsylvania, in the Pennsylvania-Dutch mysteries

Kris Neri
  • Samantha Brennan: fake psychic, and Annabelle Haggerty, FBI agent and true psychic, in Los Angeles, California

Leslie O’Kane
  • Molly Masters: cartoonist and greeting card entrepreneur, in Albany, New York

J. Michael Orenduff
  • Hubert Schuze: pot hunter and owner of a shop selling Native American pottery in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Joanne Pence
  • Angelina Amalfi: food columnist and restaurant reviewer, in San Francisco, California

Elizabeth Peters
  • Vicky Bliss: American art historian in Bavaria, Germany
  • Jacqueline Kirby: middle-aged librarian
  • Amelia Peabody: Victorian feminist Egyptologist from Kent, England

Marissa Piesman
  • Nina Fischman: public service lawyer for the elderly in New York City

Malcolm Pryce
  • Louie Knight: private investigator in Aberystwyth, Wales, in a comic Welsh noir series

Ben Rehder
  • John Marlin: game warden, and Herbert Mackey, a sheriff, in Blanco County, Texas

Mike Ripley
  • Fitzroy Maclean Angel: trumpet-playing taxi driver in London, England

David Rosenfelt
  • Andy Carpenter: irreverent defense attorney in Paterson, New Jersey

Ian Sansom
  • Israel Armstrong: Jewish vegetarian from London, in charge of a mobile library in the village of Tumdrum, Northern Ireland, in the Mobile Library mysteries

Tom Schreck
  • Duffy Dombrowski: Elvis-loving boxer and social worker, and his basset hound, Al, in a town near New York City

Mark Schweizer
  • Hayden Konig: police chief, choir director, and organist at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, in the Appalachian town of St. Germaine, North Carolina

Sarah Shankman
  • Samantha Adams: crime reporter in Atlanta, Georgia

Julie Smith
  • Rebecca Schwartz: Jewish feminist lawyer in San Francisco, California

Mehmet Murat Somer
  • A nameless transvestite nightclub hostess, and computer technician by day, in Istanbul, Turkey, in the Turkish Delight mysteries

Sarah Strohmeyer
  • Bubbles Yablonsky: hairdresser and journalist in Lehigh, Pennsylvania

Phoebe Atwood Taylor
  • Asey Mayo: former sailor and auto racer in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Kathy Hogan Trocheck
  • Callahan Garrity: cleaning business owner in Atlanta, Georgia

L.C. Tyler
  • Ethelred Tressider: a mystery author, and his chocoholic literary agent, Elsie Thirkettle, in West Sussex, England

Elaine Viets
  • Helen Hawthorne: who gave up her affluent lifestyle for a series of minimum-wage jobs in Florida, in the Dead End Job series
  • Josie Marcus: undercover store spy in St. Louis, Missouri, in the Mystery Shopper series

Donald E. Westlake
  • John Dortmunder: criminal master planner in New York City

Charlie Williams
  • Royston Blake: head doorman at Hopper’s Wine Bar & Bistro, in the town of Mangel, in the West Country of England

R.D. Wingfield
  • Jack Frost: detective inspector in Denton, England

Brian M. Wiprud
  • Garth Carson: taxidermy dealer based in New York City

Sue Owens Wright
  • Elsie “Beanie” MacBean: freelance writer and member of the Washoe Tribe, and her basset hound, Cruiser, in South Tahoe, Nevada, in the Beanie and Cruiser series

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