Julie Smith
Julienne Drew Smith
Rebecca Schwartz, a Jewish feminist lawyer in San Francisco, California:

Death Turns a Trick (1982)

The Sourdough Wars (1984)

Tourist Trap (1986)

Dead in the Water (1991)

Other People’s Skeletons (1993)

Paul MacDonald, an ex-reporter and mystery writer, in San Francisco, California:

True-Life Adventure (1985)

Huckleberry Fiend (1987)

Skip Langdon, a policewoman in New Orleans, Louisiana:

New Orleans Mourning (1990)
1991 Edgar Award for Best Mystery
Finalist 1991 Anthony Award for Best Mystery

The Axeman’s Jazz (1991)

Jazz Funeral (1993)

New Orleans Beat (1994)

House of Blues (1995)

Kindness of Strangers (1996)

Crescent City Kill (1997)

82 Desire1 (1998)

Mean Woman Blues (2003)
APA: Boneyard Blues (2004)

Murder on Magazine (2018)

The Big Crazy (2019)

Talba Wallis (AKA Baroness de Pontalba), a black poet and computer expert, in New Orleans, Louisiana:

Louisiana Hotshot (2001)

Louisiana Bigshot (2002)

Louisiana Lament (2004)

P.I. on a Hot Tin Roof (2005)


Mean Rooms (2000) [SS]


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