Oregon Mysteries
K.K. Beck
  • Jack Clancy: reporter in Portland, Oregon
  • Iris Cooper: flapper in Portland Oregon

Alafair Burke
  • Samantha Kincaid: Deputy District Attorney in Portland Oregon

Nancy Bush
  • Jane Kelly: reluctant private investigator, and her pug, The Binkster, in Lake Chinook, Oregon

Chelsea Cain
  • Archie Sheridan: police detective, and Gretchen Lowell, a serial killer who tortured and released him, in Portland, Oregon

Kate Calloway
  • Cassidy James: lesbian private investigator in the fictional town of Cedar Hills (near the Southern Oregon Coast about 350 miles from Portland)

Bill Cameron
  • Skin Kadash: homicide detective (later ex-cop) in Portland, Oregon
Lauren Wright Douglas
  • Allison O’Neil: lesbian Bed & Breakfast owner and refugee from California, in fictional Lavner Bay, Oregon

Christy Evans
  • Georgiana Neverall: software engineer turned plumber, returning to her old home town of Pine Ridge, Oregon

Mary Freeman
  • Rachel O’Connor: landscaper in Blossom, Oregon

Rick Hanson
  • Adam McCleet: ex-cop turned sculptor in Portland, Oregon

Conrad Haynes
  • Henry “Harry” Bishop: college professor in Portland, Oregon

April Henry
  • Claire Montrose: amateur sleuth in Oregon
Betty Sullivan La Pierre
  • Tom Casey: private investigator in Medford, Oregon, in the Hawkman mysteries

Amanda Lee (Gayle Trent)
  • Marcy Singer: owner of an embroidery shop, The Seven-Year Stitch, in fictional Tallulah Falls, Oregon, in the Embroidery mysteries

Bernie Lee
  • Tony Pratt: middle-aged mystery writer and former advertising executive, and his wife Pat, a financial consultant, based in Oregon

Kenneth R. Lewis
  • Kevin Kearnes: chief of police of the fictional coastal town of Cutter Point, Oregon, near the California border, and later an agent with Homeland Security in Portland, Oregon, and Thud Compton, a police sergeant, later chief

Christopher Lord
  • Simon Alastair: gay bookstore owner and amateur sleuth in fictional Dickens Junction, Oregon

Ron Lovell
  • Thomas Martindale: college journalism professor in Oregon

Elizabeth C. Main
  • Jane Serrano: 40-something widow working in Thornton’s Books in fictional Juniper, Oregon

Lorena McCourtney
  • The Julesburg, Oregon mysteries
  • Cate Kinkaid: fledgling private investigator in Eugene, Oregon

Tom Mitcheltree
  • Paul Fischer: college professor in Oregon and Maine

Kaye Morgan
  • Liza Kelly: former publicist in Hollywood, now a sudoku columnist for a paper in her hometown of Maiden’s Bay, Oregon, in the Sudoku mysteries

Barry Ozeroff
  • Ben Geller: sniper with the Special Emergency Response Team, in Stratton, Oregon

Jonathan Nasaw
  • E.L. Pender: retirement-aged FBI Special Agent in Oregon, California, and the Virgin Islands
Carolyn J. Rose & Mike Nettleton
  • Molly Donovan: reporter in Devil’s Harbor, Oregon

Patricia H. Rushford
  • Helen Bradley: ex-cop travel-writer in Lincoln City, Oregon

Arlene Sachitano
  • Harley Spring: divorced single mother and supervisor with Sil-Trac, a computer chip company, in Hillsboro, near Portland, Oregon

Mark Schorr
  • Brian Hanson: Vietnam veteran and psychologist in a mental health clinic in Portland, Oregon

Trevor Scott
  • Tony Caruso: private investigator working out of his home-office in an old Ford pickup, with his German-trained bomb-sniffing dog Panzer, a Giant Schnauzer, in Bend, Oregon

L.J. Sellers
  • Wade Jackson: homicide detective in Eugene, Oregon

L.L. Thrasher
  • Zachariah Smith: private investigator in Oregon

Lono Waiwailoe
  • Wiley: unemployed poker player in Portland, Oregon

Kate Wilhelm
  • Holloway, Barbara: Oregon defense attorney

M.K. Wren
  • Conan Flagg: bookstore owner and former intelligence agent in Oregon

M.J. Zellnik
  • Libby Seale: a seamstress from New York, and newspaper reporter Peter Eberle, in 1894 Portland, Oregon

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