Florida Mysteries
Glynn Marsh Alam
  • Luanne Fogarty: scuba diver in northern Florida swamp country (Tallahassee), Florida

Marvin Albert (writing as Anthony Rome)
  • Tony Rome: gambler and private eye in Miami, Florida

Catherine Arnold
  • Karen Perry-Mondori: criminal defense attorney in Tampa, Florida

E. C. Ayres
  • Tony Lowell: photographer and private investigator on the Gulf Coast of Florida

Nancy Bartholomew
  • Sierra Lavotini: exotic dancer and amateur sleuth in Panama City, Florida

Laura Belgrave
  • Claudia Hershey: police detective in Florida

James O. Born
  • Bill Tasker: special agent of the Department of Law Enforcement in Florida

Don Bruns
  • Skip Moore and James Lessor: best friends since grade school, in Florida

Edna Buchanan
  • Craig Burch, a sergeant in Miami Police Department’s Cold Case Squad
  • Britt Montero: newspaper crime reporter in Miami, Florida

Lucy Burdette (Roberta Isleib pseudonym)
  • Hayley Snow: 20-something food critic for Key Zest magazine, in Key West, Florida, in the Food Critic mysteries

Diane Capri
  • Wilhelmina (Willa) Carson: federal judge in Tampa, Florida

Thomas B. Cavanagh
  • Mike Garrity: 40-something retired police detective, now a private investigator, with a brain tumor named Bob, in Orlando, Florida

Nora Charles (Noreen Wald)
  • Kate Kennedy: a senior citizen in south Florida

Blaize Clement
  • Dixie Hemingway: former sheriff’s deputy, now a professional pet sitter, in Sarasota, Florida

Nancy Cohen
  • Marla Shore: beauty salon owner in southern Florida in the Bad Hair Day Mysteries

Max Allan Collins
  • CSI: Crime scene investigators in Miami, Florida

Tom Corcoran
  • Alex Rutledge: freelance photographer in Key West, Florida
Tim Dorsey
  • Serial killer Serge Storms and others appear in these satirical Florida thrillers

Mary Anna Evans
  • Faye Longchamp: a black archaeology student digging up artifacts for the black market on her plantation on North Florida’s Gulf Coast

Ron Faust
  • Dan Shaw: former military policeman, now a cop going to night law school and studying for the bar exam, in the Florida Keys

Christy Fifield (Christina F. York)
  • Glory Martine, inheriting her great-uncle’s souvenir shop, including ghosts, in Keyhole Bay, Florida, in the Haunted Souvenir Shop mysteries

Steven M. Forman
  • Eddie Perlmutter: tough Jewish former Boston cop in his late 50s, now retired to Boca Raton, Florida

Carolina Garcia-Aguilera
  • Lupe Solano: private investigator in Miami, Florida

Alan Green
  • John Hugo: police lieutenant in Florida

H. Terrell Griffin
  • Matt Royal: retired trial lawyer living on Longboat Key, off the gulf coast of Florida

James Grippando
  • Jack Swyteck: a criminal defense lawyer in Miami, Florida

Michael Gruber
  • Iago “Jimmy” Paz: Cuban-American cop, in Miami, Florida, and elsewhere

James W. Hall
  • Thorn: eco-avenger PI in Key Largo, Florida

Michael Haskins
  • Mick Murphy: journalist in Key West, Florida, with ties to Boston, Massachusetts

Brandon Hebert
  • Non-series set in south Florida

Patty Henderson
  • Brenda Strange: private investigator of the weird in Tampa, Florida

Vicki Hendricks
  • Non-series noir erotica set in Florida

Carl Hiaasen
  • Non-series books set in Florida

Tami Hoag
  • Elena Estes: ex-cop turned horse trainer, in Palm Beach, Florida

Jilliane Hoffman
  • C. J. Townsend.: an  Assistant State Attorney  in Miami, Florida

Hialeah Jackson (Polly Whitney)
  • Annabelle Hardy-Maratos: deaf president of a large Miami security firm, and Dave the Monkeyman, her sidekick and main ASL signer, in Miami, Florida
Stuart M. Kaminsky
  • Lew Fonesca: investigator for local attorneys in Sarasota, Florida

Baynard Kendrick
  • Miles Standish Rice: deputy sheriff in Florida

Jonathon King
  • Max Freeman: cop from Philly who shot and killed a 12 year-old, quit, and moved to the edge of the Everglades in Florida

Christine Kling
  • Seychelle Sullivan: owner and operator of a 46-foot salvage ship near Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Michael Koryta
  • Markus Novak: private investigator working for a Florida law firm that specializes in exonerating death row inmates
Mary Kennedy
  • Maggie Walsh: Manhattan psychologist who takes a job as a radio talk show host on WYME in the fictional south Florida town of Cypress Grove, in the Talk Radio mysteries

Rita Lakin
  • Gladdy Gold: Florida’s Oldest Private Eye and her gang of retirees, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

John Lantigua
  • Willie Cuesta: private investigator based in the Little Havana section of Miami, Florida

Vincent Lardo
  • Arch McNally: playboy private investigator in Palm Beach, Florida (series continued by Vincent Lardo after Lawrence Sanders’ death)

José Latour
  • Non-series books set in Cuba and Florida

Elmore Leonard
  • Raylan Givens: federal marshal in Florida

John Leslie
  • Gideon Lowry: a 50-something, piano-playing private detective in Key West, Florida

Barbara Levenson
  • Mary Magruder Katz: half Jewish, half Southern Baptist criminal defense attorney, in Miami, Florida

Paul Levine
  • Jake Lassiter: ex-linebacker turned lawyer in Miami, Florida
  • Steve Solomon: Coconut Beach bum, and Victoria Lord, a Miami blue blood, squabbling law partners in Florida

Terry Lewis
  • Ted Stevens: hard-luck attorney, and his law partner Paul Morganstein, in Tallahassee, Florida

Jeff Lindsay
  • Dexter Morgan: blood spatter technician for Miami Dade Police Department and sociopathic serial killer

Michael Lister
  • John Jordan: prison chaplain at the Potter Correctional Institution in north Florida
  • Jimmy Riley, working as a private detective in 1940s Panama City, Florida, after losing an arm while on the police force

Tom Lowe
  • Sean O’Brien: recently widowed former Miami homicide detective, now living with his dachshund Max on the St. John’s River, in Florida

John Lutz
  • Fred Carver: private investigator in Del Moray, Florida

John D. MacDonald
  • Travis McGee: adventurer, philosopher and private eye in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

T. J. MacGregor
  • Mike McCleary: part of a wife & husband P.I. team
  • Mira Morales: bookstore owner and psychic, in Tango Key, Florida
  • Aline Scott: homicide detective in Tango Key, Florida
  • Quin St. James: part of a wife & husband P.I. team

Claire Matturro
  • Lilly (Lillian Lilly Belle Rose) Cleary: eco-conscious junior partner in a prestigious law firm in Sarasota, Florida

Ed McBain
  • Matthew Hope: attorney in Florida

Michael McClister
  • Elmo Finn: a Vietnam Vet, retired from the CIA on Longboat Key in Sarasota, Florida

Paul McElroy
  • James “Mack” McCray: federal undercover cop in Stuart, Florida

Carlene Miller
  • Lexy Hyatt: crime reporter in Florida

Terrie Farley Moran
  • Mary “Sassy” Cabot and Bridget Mayfield, owners of Read ’Em and Eat, a bookstore and café in Fort Myers Beach, in the barrier islands of the Florida Gulf Coast

Laura Morrigan
  • Grace Wilde: animal behaviorist who can communicate psychically with animals, in Florida, in the Call of the Wilde series

Bob Morris
  • Zack Chasteen: former Miami Dolphin linebacker, in Florida and the Caribbean

Geoffrey Norman
  • Morgan Hunt: Vietnam vet, ex-con, private investigator working for a crusading lawyer, in Pensacola, Florida

Hilary Norman
  • Sam Becket: African-American homicide detective, and wife Grace Lucca, a child psychologist, in Miami Beach, Florida
Barbara Parker
  • Gail Connor: corporate attorney in Miami, Florida

P.J. Parrish
  • Joe Frye: the only female homicide detective in the Miami-Dade Police Department (and Louis Kincaid’s lover), in Miami, Florida

Allan Pedrazas
  • Harry Rice: 30-something tavern owner and part-time sleuth, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

W.R. Philbrick
  • T.D. Stash: unlicensed private investigator, in Florida

Rhonda Pollero
  • Finley Anderson Tanner: youngish paralegal with an interest in discount shopping, in West Palm Beach, Florida

Talmage Powell
  • Ed Rivers: private investigator in Tampa, Florida

Kevin Robinson
  • Stick Foster: paraplegic newspaper reporter in Orlando, Florida

Kinley Roby
  • Harry Brock: private investigator, as well as an amateur painter and naturalist, on an island in southwest Florida

Anthony Rome (Martin Albert)
  • Tony Rome, gambler and private eye in Miami, Florida

Lawrence Sanders
  • Archy McNally: playboy private eye in Palm Beach, Florida (series continued by Vincent Lardo after Lawrence Sanders’ death)

Laurence Shames
  • Non-series books set in Florida

Deborah Sharp
  • Mace Bauer: middle daughter of Mama, who’s been married at least four times, in rural Florida

James Sheehan
  • Jack Tobin: prominent trial lawyer formerly in Miami, now crusading for justice in rural Florida

Phyllis Smallman
  • Sherri Travis: self-proclaimed “white trash” and a bartender in the small beach town of Jacaranda, Florida

Les Standiford
  • John Deal: building contractor in Miami, Florida

Nick Stone
  • Max Mingus: ex-cop private investigator, in Miami, Florida, and Haiti

Randy Striker (Randy Wayne White)
  • Dusky MacMorgan: ex-Navy SEAL, in Florida

James Swain
  • Jack Carpenter: former head of Broward County (Florida) Missing Persons Unit, now a private investigator in south Florida

Matt & Bonnie Taylor
  • Palmer Kingston: Pulitzer-winning reporter for the Marlinsport Tribune, and Alice Jane (A.J.) Egan, his lover who writes for the competing New Seville Times, set mostly in Florida

Kathy Hogan Trochek
  • Truman Kicklighter: retired reporter, in St. Petersburg, Florida

Bob Truluck
  • Duncan Sloan: private investigator in Florida

Elaine Viets
  • Helen Hawthorne: who gave up her affluent lifestyle for a series of minimum-wage jobs in Florida, in the Dead End Job series

Ann Waldron
  • McLeod Delaney: Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist from Tallassee, Florida, comes to Princeton University as a visiting lecturer in Princeton, New Jersey in the Big Crime on Campus mysteries

Richard F. West
  • Benny Ashe: a retired Mob boss, in Coral Sands, Florida in the The Old Gang of Mine series
  • Peter Benington: a retired jewel thief in Coral Sands, Florida in the The Old Gang of Mine series

Randy Wayne White
  • Doc Ford: ex-operative marine biologist in Sanibel Island, Florida
  • Hannah Smith: fishing guide in Florida

Charles Willeford
  • Hoke Moseley: a cop in Miami, Florida

Karen Ann Wilson
  • Samantha Holt: a veterinary technician in Paradise Cay, Florida

Darryl Wimberley
  • Barrett “Bear” Raines: the first black detective in an all-white police force in Deacon Beach,  Florida

Sherryl Woods
  • Holly Dewitt: a film producer and single mother in Miami, Florida

Stuart Woods
  • Holly Barker: former military police commander turned police chief of small town Orchid Beach, Florida

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