Diane Capri
M. Diane Vogt
Wilhelmina (Willa) Carson, a federal judge in Tampa, Florida:

Carly’s Conspiracy (2011)
APA: Due Justice1 (2012)

George’s Game (2011)
APA: Twisted Justice2 (2012)

Harper’s Hell (2011)
APA: Secret Justice3 (2012)

Kate’s Killing (2011)
APA: Wasted Justice4 (2012)

Jennifer Lane, a young lawyer in Tampa, Florida:

Annabelle’s Attack (2012)
APA: Raw Justice5 (2012)

Kim Otto and Carlos Gasper, FBI agents assigned to find Jack Reacher (the Lee Child protagonist), in the Hunt for Reacher series:

Don’t Know Jack6 (2012)

Jack and Joe (2015)
Finalist 2016 Thriller Award for Best eBook

Full Metal Jack (2020)
Finalist 2021 Thriller Award for Best eBook Original

Jess Kimball, an investigative journalist and victims’ rights advocate, in Florida:

Fatal Distraction7 (2012)

Non-fiction, written as M. Diane Vogt:

Bathroom Crime Puzzles (2006)


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