Mysteries Set in Turkey
Selçuk Altun
  • Non-series set in Turkey

Esmahan Aykol
  • Kati Hirschel: 30-something German owner of the only mystery bookshop in Istanbul, Turkey

Eric Ambler
  • Charles Latimer: British university lecturer turned detective novelist, in Turkey

Jason Goodwin
  • Yashim Togalu: eunuch for an Ottoman sultan, in 1830s Istanbul, Turkey

Tom Harper (Edwin Thomas)
  • Demetrios Askiates: former bounty hunter and bodyguard, in service to the Byzantine Emperor in late 11th century Constantinople, in the First Crusade trilogy

Mary Reed and Eric Mayer
  • John the Eunuch: Lord Chamberlain to the Emperor Justinian in Constantinople in 537

Barbara Nadel
  • Inspector Çetin Ikmen: policeman in Istanbul, Turkey

Orhan Pamuk
  • Non-series mysteries set in historic and modern Turkey

Julian Rathbone
  • Colonel Nur Bey: policeman in Turkey

Mehmet Murat Somer
  • Burçak Veral: a transvestite nightclub hostess by night, and computer technician by day, in Istanbul, Turkey, in the Turkish Delight mysteries, by Mehmet Murat Somer

Jenny White
  • Kamil Pasha: magistrate in the new secular courts in the late 19th century Ottoman Empire, in Istanbul, Turkey

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