Mary Reed & Eric Mayer
John the Eunuch, Lord Chamberlain to the Emperor Justinian in Constantinople in 537:

One for Sorrow (1999) [review]

Two for Joy (2000)

Three for a Letter (2001)

Four for a Boy (2003)
Finalist 2004 Bruce Alexander Award

Five for Silver (2004)
Finalist 2005 Bruce Alexander Award

Six for Gold (2005)

Seven for a Secret (2008)

Eight for Eternity (2010)

Nine for the Devil (2012)

Ten for Dying (2014)

Murder in Megara (2015)

An Empire for Ravens (2018)

Written as Eric Reed (joint pseudonym of Mary Reed & Eric Mayer)
Grace Baxter, a village constable’s daughter beginning in in 1941 Britian:

The Guardian Stones (2016)

Ruined Stones (2017)

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