Vermont Mysteries
Connie Archer
  • Lucky Jamieson, inheriting the By the Spoonful Soup Shop, in fictional Snowflake, Vermont, in the Soup Lover’s mysteries

Don Bredes
  • Hector Bellevance: a disgraced Boston cop rebuilding his life as a constable in his childhood home of Tipton, in northeast Vermont

Barbara Bretton
  • Chloe Hobbs: half-human, half-sorceress, owner of a knitting shop, in Sugar Maple, Vermont

Barbara Comfort
  • Liz Bell: a 30-something sleuth in Vermont
  • Tish McWhinny: 70-something Vermont artist and painter
Melissa Glazer (Tim Myers)
  • Carolyn Emerson: middle-aged proprietor of a do-your-own-pottery shop, Fire at Will, in fictional Maple Ridge, Vermont, in the Clay and Crime mysteries

Kate George
  • Bree MacGowan: 30-something doing what she can to get by in Vermont

William Jaspersohn
  • Peter Boone: former Red Sox pitcher turned private investigator, in rural Vermont
David Leitz
  • Max Addams: a fly-fisherman and owner of Whitefork Lodge, a bed and breakfast in Vermont

Archer Mayor
  • Joe Gunther: police detective in Brattleboro, Vermont

Amy Patricia Meade
  • Stella Thornton Buckley: moving from Manhattan with her husband, Nick, to small-town Vermont, in the Pret’ Near Perfect mysteries
Ellen Rawlings
  • Rachel Crowne: a free-lance journalist in Vermont

Herbert Resnicow
  • Giles Sullivan: a retired attorney, and Isabel Macintosh, a faculty dean, in Vermont, in the Crossword Puzzle mysteries

Anna Salter
  • Michael Stone: forensic psychologist in Vermont

Alison Smith
  • Judd Springfield: police chief in Coolidge Corners, Vermont

Sarah Stewart Taylor
  • Sweeney St. George: an art history professor specializing in representations of death, in Byzantium, Vermont

Nancy Means Wright
  • Ruth Willmarth: a farmer in Vermont

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