Herbert Resnicow
Alexander Gold, a construction engineer and puzzle maven, in New York City:

The Gold Solution (1983)
Finalist 1984 Edgar Award for Best First Novel

The Gold Deadline (1984)

The Gold Frame (1985)

The Gold Curse (1986)

The Gold Gamble (1988)

Giles Sullivan, a retired attorney, and Isabel Macintosh, a faculty dean, in Vermont, in the Crossword Puzzle mysteries:

Murder Across and Down (1985)

The Seventh Crossword (1985)

The Crossword Code (1986)

The Crossword Legacy (1987)

The Crossword Hunt (1987)

Ed and Warren Baer, a father and son detective team in Long Island, New York:

The Dead Room (1987)

The Hot Place (1990)

Marcus Aurelius Burr, a sportswriter in New York City:

Murder at the Super Bowl (1987) [with Fran Tarkenton]

The World Cup Murder (1988) [with Pelé]

Beanball (1989) [with Tom Seaver]


Murder at City Hall (1995) [with Edward Koch]

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