New Jersey Mysteries
William Arden (Michael Collins)
  • Kane Jackson: industrial espionage specialist in New Jersey

James Bradberry
  • Jamie Ramsgill: architect and Princeton professor in Princeton, New Jersey

Laura Bradford
  • Elise Jenkins: reporter for the Ocean Point Weekly, and Mitch Burns, a police detective, in Ocean Point, New Jersey

Anthony Bruno
  • Loretta Kovacs: member of the New Jersey parole violators search team
  • Frank Marvelli: member of the New Jersey parole violators search team

Harlan Coben
  • Non-series: set in New Jersey

Jeffrey Cohen
  • Elliot Freed: recently divorced writer and proprietor of an old movie theater, in New Jersey, in the Double Feature mysteries
  • Aaron Tucker: former investigative reporter and aspiring screenwriter, in New Jersey

Eoin Colfer
  • Daniel McEvoy: Irish bouncer working in a seedy New Jersey bar

E.J. Copperman (Jeffrey Cohen)
  • Alison Kerby: guesthouse owner with two unexpected guests (ghosts) in her newly acquired Jersey Shore Victorian, in the Haunted Guesthouse mysteries
Eric Dezenhall
  • Jonah Eastman: pollster and spin doctor for hire, with family gangster connections, mostly revolving around New Jersey

Janet Evanovich
  • Stephanie Plum: bounty hunter in Trenton, New Jersey

Irene Fleming (Kate Gallison)
  • Emily Dagett Weiss: struggling young movie-maker in the early 20th century, in Fort Lee, New Jersey

Shelley Freydont
  • Lindy Haggerty: rehearsal director and retired dancer in New Jersey

Kate Gallison
  • Mother Lavinia Grey: Episcopal vicar and practicing therapist in Fishersville, New Jersey
  • Nick Magaracz: private investigator in Trenton, New Jersey

Dorothy Gilman
  • Mrs. Pollifax: grandmother and CIA agent in New Jersey

Chris Grabenstein
  • John Ceepak: veteran of the Iraq war, and his sidekick Danny Boyle, in Sea Haven, New Jersey
  • Christopher Miller: FBI agent in Jersey City, New Jersey

Robin Hathaway
  • Dr. Jo Bank: who leaves New York City after a fatal misdiagnosis of a patient and ends up in Bayfield, New Jersey, as the on-call doctor at a motel

Richard Hilary
  • Ezell “Easy” Barnes: former prize fighter and cop turned private investigator, in Newark, New Jersey

Jane Isenberg
  • Bel Barrett: professor of English in Jersey City, New Jersey
Jon Katz
  •  Kit DeLeeuw: Wall Street shark turned suburban detective in Rochambeau, New Jersey

Bill Kent
  • Louis Monroe: Don Quixote-style cop, in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Ellen Larson
  • Natalie Joday: investigative reporter in Bergen County, New Jersey

Ron Liebman
  • Mickie Mezzonatti and Salvatore “Junne” Salerno, Jr., criminal defense lawyers and ex-cops, in Camden, New Jersey

Evan Marshall
  • Jane Stuart: widowed literary agent in Shady Hills, New Jersey

Brad Parks
  • Carter Ross: investigative reporter for the Eagle-Examiner, in Newark, New Jersey

Richard Price
  • Various characters in explosive slums of fictional Dempsy, New Jersey

J.W. Rider (Shane Stevens)
  • Ryder Malone: private investigator in Jersey City, New Jersey

David Rosenfelt
  • Andy Carpenter: attorney in Paterson, New Jersey

Jane Rubino
  • Cat Austen: single-mom reporter, and Victor Cardenas, a police detective, in Atlantic City, New Jerse

Eric Sauter
  • Robert Lee Hunter: wealthy 30-something private investigator, in New Jersey

Beth Sherman
  • Anne Hardaway: ghostwriter in Oceanside Heights, New Jersey

Wallace Stroby
  • Harry Rane: ex-New Jersey State Trooper

Cristina Sumners
  • Holder, Tom: overweight 40-something police chief in the affluent university town of Harton, New Jersey

Nancy Tesler
  • Carrie Carlin: biofeedback specialist in New Jersey
  • Tom Holder: homicide cop in New Jersey

Ann Waldron
  • McLeod Delaney: Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist from Florida, comes to Princeton University as a visiting lecturer, later professor, in Princeton, New Jersey

Valerie Wilson Wesley
  • Tamara Hayle: black ex-cop turned PI in Newark, New Jersey

Dave White
  • Jackson Donne: ex-cop private investigator, or night security guard when times are hard, in New Brunswick, New Jersey

Lois Winston
  • Anastasia Pollack: recently widowed mother of two teenaged sons, and crafts editor for a popular women’s magazine, in northern New Jersey

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