Michigan Mysteries
Doug Allyn
  • Lupe Garcia: homicide detective in Detroit, Michigan
  • Michelle “Mitch” Mitchell: deep-sea diver and bar owner in Huron Harbor, Michigan

Robert E. Bailey
  • Art Hardin: a retired colonel, now a low-keyed private investigator in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Deb Baker
  • Gertie Johnson: 60-something sleuth in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in the Yooper mysteries

Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli
  • Emily Kincaid, a recently divorced reporter and failed mystery writer, and Dolly Wakowski, a deputy, in rural Leetsville, in northern Michigan

JoAnna Carl (Eve K. Sandstrom)
  • Lee McKinney: a divorcee, returns to Michigan to work for her aunt's chocolate business

Nancy Coco (Nancy J. Parra)
  • Allie McMurphy: renovating her family's old hotel, on Mackinac Island, Michigan, in the Candy-Coated mysteries

William J. Coughlin
  • Charley Sloan: criminal attorney in Detroit, Michigan
  • Stoney Walsh: in Detroit, Michigan
Jo Dereske
  • Ruby Crane: a handwriting analyst in her home town in Michigan

Harry Dolan
  • David Loogan: mystery magazine editor in Ann Arbor, Michigan

P.S. Elsner
  • Nick Dallas: young but retired cop, now a private investigator, in 1950s Detroit, Michigan

Loren D. Estleman
  • Peter Macklin: hit man for the mob in Detroit, Michigan
  • Amos Walker: Vietnam vet and private eye in Detroit Michigan

W.S. Gager
  • Mitch Malone: crime beat reporter in fictional Grand River, in western Michigan

Benjamin Garrick
  • Benjamin Garrick: designer of engine parts for NASCAR race team cars in Detroit, Michigan

Susan Goodwill
  • Kate London: who owns the Egyptian Theatre with her Aunt Kitty, an eccentric former B-grade movie star, on the west coast of Michigan

Paula Gosling
  • Matt Gabriel: sheriff in Blackwater Bay, Michigan
  • Jack Stryker: homicide cop, and Kate Trevorne, an English professor, in Michigan

Tom Grace
  • Nolan Kilkenny: ex-Navy SEAL, now working at his father’s online research firm in Michigan

Bryan Gruley
  • Gus Carpenter: reporter returning to his hometown of Starvation Lake, Michigan

Steve Hamilton
  • Alex McKnight, former cop turned rental agent, on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, on the shore of Lake Superior

Jim Harrison
  • Simon Sunderson: retiring from a career as a state police detective, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Joseph Heywood
  • Grady Service: conservation officer in Michigan, in the Woods Cop series

Kathleen Hills
  • John McIntire: retired military intelligence officer and newly appointed township constable in St. Adele, Michigan

Susan Holtzer
  • Anneke Haagen: computer consultant in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Jon A. Jackson
  • “Fang” Mulheisen:  police detective in Detroit, Michigan

D.E. Johnson

Will Anderson, working in his father’s electric car company in 1910 Detroit, Michigan

Rob Kantner
  • Ben Perkins: ex-union strike-buster turned private investigator, in Detroit, Michigan

William X. Kienzle
  • Father Robert Koesler: Catholic priest in Detroit, Michigan

Henry Kisor
  • Steve “Two Crows” Martinez: Lakota Indian by birth, eastern white by upbringing, and deputy sheriff in Porcupine City, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Elmore Leonard
  • Jack Ryan: petty crook in Detroit, Michigan
  • Ernest "Stick" Stickley: ex-con in Detroit, Michigan

Paul Lindsay
  • Mike Devlin: FBI agent in Detroit, Michigan
P.J. Parrish
  • Louis Kincaid: biracial cop in Loon Lake, Michigan

Lev Raphael
  • Nick Hoffman: gay professor in Michiganapolis, Michigan

Lisa Reardon
  • Non-series set in Michigan

Ronald Clair Roat
  • Stuart Mallory: private investigator in Lansing, Michigan

Elizabeth Sims
  • Lillian Byrd: a sometime reporter, street musician, and amateur sleuth based around Detroit, Michigan

Therese Szymanski
  • Shawn Donnelly: police detective, in Detroit, Michigan
  • Brett Higgins: lesbian sleuth with a criminal past, in Detroit, Michigan

Mark Terry
  • Dr. Theo “Mac” MacGreggor: a forensic toxicologist in Ferndale, Michigan

Nina Wright
  • Whiskey Mattimoe: recently widowed, 30-something real estate broker, in the small resort town of Magnet Springs, Michigan

R.D. Zimmerman
  • Alex Phillips: technical writer and his sister, Maddy Phillips, a blind forensic psychiatrist, on an island in Lake Michigan

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