Maryland Mysteries
Josh Aterovis
  • Killian Kendall: gay high school sleuth in Maryland

Ron and Janet Benrey
  • Pippa Hunnechurch: owner of her own executive recruiting firm in Ryde, Maryland

Helen Chappell
  • Hollis Ball: reporter, and Sam Wescott, her ex-husband’s ghost, in Maryland

Tim Cockey
  Hitchcock Sewel: and his Aunt Billie, certified morticians in Baltimore, Maryland
Kit Ehrman
  • Steve Cline: young stable hand in Maryland

Janet Evanovich
  • Alexandra “Barney” Barnaby: garage mechanic in Baltimore, Maryland

James Grady
  • Devlin Rourke: police detective sergeant in Baltimore, Maryland

Sasscer Hill
  • Nikki Latrelle: a young female jockey in Maryland

Mary Ellen Hughes
  • Jo McAllister: proprietor of Jo’s Craft Corner, in the small town of Abbotsville, Maryland, in the Craft Corner mysteries
  • Maggie Olenski: young high school math teacher in Baltimore, Maryland
Barbara Lee
  • Eve Elliott: real estate agent in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

Laura Lippman
  • Tess Monaghan: private investigator in Baltimore, Maryland

Virginia Lowell
  • Olivia Greyson: owner of the Gingerbread House in her Victorian home in fictional Chatterley Heights, on the outskirts of Baltimore, Maryland, in the Cookie Cutter Shop series

Debbi Mack
  • Stephanie Ann “Sam” McRae: lawyer in Maryland
Preston Pairo III
  • Jimmy (Griff) Griffin: ex-cop investigator for the city attorney, in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Dallas Henry: lawyer turned beachcombing motel manager, in Ocean City, Maryland

Judith Skillings
  • Rebecca Moore: former reporter who runs a classic car restoration shop in rural Maryland

Marcia Talley
  • IHannah Ives: breast-cancer survivor and a down-sizing victim in Annapolis, Maryland

Maggie Toussaint
  • Cleopatra Jones: accountant, golfer, and divorced mother of two, in Hogan’s Glen, Maryland

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