Mysteries Set in Israel & Palestine
Aileen Baron
  • Lily Sampson: young American graduate student archeologist, in late 1930s and early 1940s Jerusalem and Morocco

Thomas Greanias
  • Sam Deker: 35-year-old Israeli counterterrorism agent and demolitions expert

Chris Goff
  • Raisa Jordan: agent for the US Diplomatic Security Service assigned to Tel Aviv, Isreal

Batya Gur
  • Michael Ohayon: chief inspector in Jerusalem, Israel

Jonathan Kellerman
  • Daniel Sharavi: veteran police inspector in Jerusalem, Israel

Jon Land
  • Ben Kamal: member of the new Palestinian police force on the West Bank, and Danielle Barnea, a Shin Bet (Israel’s FBI) agent in Israel

D.A. Mishani
  • Avraham Avraham: police detective in Tel Aviv, Israel

Matt Beynon Rees
  • Omar Yussef Sihran: 50-ish schoolteacher in a Palestinian refugee camp, living in Bethlehem, Palestinian Authority

Robert Rosenberg
  • Avram Cohen: police officer in Jerusalem, Israel

Liad Shoham
  • Legal thrillers set in israel

Daniel Silva
  • Gabriel Allon: art restorer and Israeli secret agent

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