Europe Mysteries
James Anderson
  • Mikael Petros: political thrillers set in a fictitious European country

Harry Asher (Brian Freemantle)
  • Claudine Carter: Anglo-French forensic psychologist and criminal profiler working for Europol, in Europe

Tessa Barclay
  • Gregory Crowne: former Crown Prince Gregory of Hirtenstein, a classical music event organizer, in Europe

Victor Canning
  • Rex Carver: English spy turned private investigator, in Europe

Richard Doetsch
  • Michael St. Pierre: master thief nearing retirement, operating in Europe

Robert L. Fish
  • Kek Huuygens: Polish smuggler using a Dutch name and an American passport, in Europe

Alan Furst
  • Non-series spy books about in 1930s Europe and World War II

W.E.B. Griffin
  • Men at War Series: featuring the OSS during World War II

Maria Hudgins
  • Dotsy Lamb: recently divorced ancient and medieval history professor from Virginia, traveling in Europe with her friend Lettie

Ben Pastor
  • Martin Bora: anti-Nazi Anglo-German officer in World War II Europe

Olen Steinhauer
  • Emil Brod, Ferenc Kolyeszar, Brano Sev, and other police and intelligence agents in Communist-era Eastern Europe

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