Mysteries Set in Greater Manchester
Ray Banks
  • Callum “Cal” Innes: an ex-con working as an unlicensed private investigator, in Manchester, England

Tom Benn
  • Henry Bane: gang fixer and loanshark, in mid-1990s Manchester, England

David Bowker
  • Billy Dye: struggling author, and Rawhead, an assassin and Dye’s childhood friend, in Manchester, England

Frank Lean
  • David Cunane: private investigator, and son of a cop, in Manchester, England

V.L. McDermid (Val McDermid)
  • Kate Brannigan: private eye in Manchester, England

Charlie Owen
  • D Group: ensemble cast of police in a fictional 1970s town north of Manchester, England

Chris Simms
  • Iona Khan: feisty detective constable in the Counter Terrorism Unit in Manchester, England
  • Jon Spicer: detective inspector in Manchester, England

Cath Staincliffe
  • Sal Kilkenn: single-mother private eye in Manchester, England
  • Janine Lewis: single mother pregnant with her 4th child and the first woman Detective Chief Inspector in Greater Manchester, England
  • Janet Scott: straight-laced detective constable, and Rachel Bailey, a detective constable from a deprived childhood, in Manchester, England

R.D. Wingfield
  • Jack Frost: detective inspector in Denton, England

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