Cath Staincliffe
Sal Kilkenny, a single mother private eye in Manchester, England:

Looking for Trouble (1994)
Finalist 1994 New Blood Dagger Award

Go Not Gently (1997)

Dead Wrong (1998)

Stone Cold Red Hot (2001)

Towers of Silence (2002)

Bitter Blue (2003)

Missing (2007)

Crying Out Loud (2011)

Janine Lewis, a single mother pregnant with her 4th child and the first woman Detective Chief Inspector in Greater Manchester, England:

Blue Murder: Cry Me a River (2004)

Hit and Run (2005)

Make Believe (2013) [ebook]

Desperate Measures (2015) [ebook]

Janet Scott, a straight-laced detective constable, and Rachel Bailey, a detective constable from a deprived childhood, in Manchester, England:

Dead to Me (2012)

Bleed Like Me (2013)

Ruthless (2014)


The Kindest Thing (2009)

Witness (2011)

Split Second (2012)

Blink of an Eye (2013)

Letters to My Daughter’s Killer (2014)

Half the World Away (2015)


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