Mysteries Set in Devon
C.C. Benison
  • Father Tom Christmas: widower with a 9-year-old daughter, and the new vicar in Thornford Regis, a picturesque village in England

Kate Ellis
  • Wesley Peterson: detective sergeant, and Gerry Heffernan, his boss, in South Devon, England

E.X. Ferrars
  • Toby Dyke: reporter in Devon, England

Michael Jecks
  • Simon Puttock: medieval West County bailiff, and Sir Baldwin Furnshill, ex-Templar Knight, in Devon, England

Bernard Knight
  • Sir John de Wolfe: the crowner (coroner), in 12th century Devon, England, in the Crowner John series

Scarlett Thomas
  • Lily Pascale: ex-teacher, ex-bartender, and ex-actress, now a professor of creative writing in Devon, England

Rebecca Tope
  • Den Cooper: determined policeman in Devon, England

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