Rebecca Tope
Den Cooper, a determined policeman in Devon, England:

A Dirty Death (1999)

Death of a Friend (2000)

A Death to Record (2001)

The Sting of Death1 (2002)

Drew Slocombe, a former nurse who has become an undertaker in Bradbourne, England:

Dark Undertakings (1999)

Grave Concerns (2000)

The Sting of Death2 (2002)

A Market for Murder (2003)

A Grave in the Cotswolds3 (2010)

Thea Osborne, a house-sitter in the Cotswolds, in England:

A Cotswold Killing (2004)

A Cotswold Ordeal (2005)

Death in the Cotswolds (2006)

A Cotswold Mystery (2007)

Blood in the Cotswolds (2008)

Slaughter in the Cotswolds (2009)

Fear in the Cotswolds (2010)

A Grave in the Cotswolds1 (2010)

Deception in the Cotswolds (2011)

Malice in the Cotswolds1 (2012)

Shadows in the Cotswolds1 (2013)

Trouble in the Cotswolds1 (2014)

Revenge in the Cotswolds (2015)

Guilt in the Cotswolds (2016)

A Cotswold Casebook (2016) [SS]

Peril in the Cotswolds (2017)

Crisis in the Cotswolds (2018)

Secrets in the Cotswolds (2019)

A Cotswold Christmas Mystery (2020)

Persimmon “Simmy” Brown, a florist in the Lake District of England:

The Windermere Witness (2012)

The Ambleside Alibi (2013)

The Coniston Case (2014)

The Troutbeck Testimony (2015)

The Hawkshead Hostage (2016)

The Bowness Bequest (2017)

The Staveley Suspect (2018)

The Grasmere Grudge (2019)

The Patterdale Plot (2020)

The Ullswater Undertaking (2021)


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