Martyn Waites
Stephen Larkin, a London tabloid journalist whose wife and baby were murdered, now back in his hometown of Newcastle, England:

Mary’s Prayer (1997)

Little Triggers (1998)

Candleland (2000)

Born Under Punches (2003)

Joe Donovan, a former investigative journalist whose son has disappeared, in Newcastle, England:

The Mercy Seat (2006)
Finalist 2006 Steel Dagger Award

Bone Machine (2007)

White Riot (2008)

Speak No Evil (2009)


The White Room (2004)

The Woman in Black: Angel of Death (2014)

The Old Religion (2020)

Written as Tania Carver, joint pseudonym of Martyn and Linda Waites
Philip Brennan, a detective inspector in the Major Incident Squad, and Marina Esposito, a psychologist, in Colchester, England:

The Surrogate (2009)

The Creeper (2010)

Cage of Bones (2011)

Choked (2012)
APA: The Black Road (2014)

The Doll’s House (2013)

Truth or Dare (2014)

Heartbreaker (2015)

The Lost Girl (2016)

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