Joe Hart
Liam Dempsey, a former homicide detective, in the small town of Tallston, Minnesota:

The River Is Dark (2013)

The Night Is Deep (2016)

The Dominion dystopian thriller trilogy:

The Last Girl (2016)

The Final Trade (2016)

The First City (2017)

Non-series, mostly supernatural thrillers with some horror:

Midnight Paths [SS ebook] (2011)

Lineage (2012)

Singularity (2013)

Everfall (2013)

The Waiting (2013)

Widow Town (2014)

Cruel World (2014)

Leave the Living (2015) [ebook novella]

The Exorcism of Sara May (2015) [ebook novella]

Obscura (2018)

Or Else (2022)

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