Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Charles Spotted Moon, an attorney and Ojibway tribal shaman in San Francisco, California:

Ogilvie, Tallant, and Moon (1976)
APA: Bad Medicine (1990)

Music When Sweet Voices Die (1979)
APA: False Notes (1991)

Poison Fruit (1991)
APA: Poisonous Fruit (2009)

Cat’s Claw (1992)
APA: Dead Mice (2009)

Poppy Thornton, living with her aunt Jo and cat Maestro, and partnered with a ghost, Chesterton Holte, in 1920s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

Haunting Investigation (2015)

Living Spectres (2016)

Written as Quinn Fawcett1
Mme. Victoire Vernet, the French wife of a Napoleonic gendarme:

Napoleon Must Die (1993)

Death Wears a Crown (1993)

Written as Quinn Fawcett1
Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock’s older brother, in London, England:

Against the Brotherhood (1997)

Embassy Row (1998)

The Flying Scotsman (1999)

The Scottish Ploy (2000)

Written as Quinn Fawcett1
Ian Fleming, a journalist after a distinguished career as an intelligence operative during World War II in Jamaica:

Death to Spies (2002)

Siren Song (2003)

Honor Among Spies (2004)


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