Lis Wiehl
Cassidy Shaw, a reporter, Allison Pierce, a federal prosecutor, and Nicole Hedge, an FBI special agent, in the Triple Threat series written with April Henry:

Face of Betrayal (2009)

Hand of Fate (2010)

Heart of Ice (2011)

Eyes of Justice (2012)

Dani Harris, a forensic psychiatrist, and Tommy Gunderson, a former football star and aspiring private investigator, in fictional East Salem, New York, in the East Salem series written with Pete Nelson:

Waking Hours (2011)

Darkness Rising (2012)

Fatal Tide (2013)

Mia Quinn, a prosecutor in the King County, Washington, district attorney's office, written with April Henry:

A Matter of Trust (2013)

A Deadly Business (2014)

Lethal Beauty (2015)

Erica Sparks, a cable news host at Global News Network in New York, in the Newsmakers series written with Sebastian Stuart:

The Newsmakers (2015)

The Candidate (2016)

The Separatists (2017)


Snapshot (2014)


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