C.M. Wendelboe
Curt M. Wendelboe
Manny Tanno, a former Oglala Lakota tribal cop, now an FBI Special Agent returning to the Pine Ridge Reservation, in South Dakota:

Death Along the Spirit Road (2011)

Death Where the Bad Rocks Live (2012)

Death on the Greasy Grass (2013)

Death Etched in Stone (2019)

Arn Anderson, a former Denver homicide detective, back at work in his old hometown of Cheyenne, Wyoming, in the Bitter Wind mysteries:

Hunting the Five Point Killer (2017)

Hunting the Saturday Night Strangler (2018)

The Tucker Ashley western mystery series, set in 1870s Dakota Territory:

Backed to the Wall (2017)

Seeking Justice (2018)

When the Gold Dust Died in Deadwood (2019)

Nelson Lane, a US Marshal chasing suspects from Wyoming to Oklahoma during the 1930s:

The Marshal and the Moonshiner (2018)

The Marshal and the Sinister Still (2019)

The Marshal and the Mystical Mountain (2020)


An Extralegal Affair (2019) [ebook]

The Man Who Hated Hickok (2019) [Western]

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