Aline Templeton
Marjory Fleming, a detective inspector in Scotland:

Cold in the Earth (2005)

The Darkness and the Deep (2006)

Lying Dead (2007)

Lamb to the Slaughter (2008)

Dead in the Water (2009)

Cradle to Grave (2010)

Evil for Evil (2012)

Bad Blood (2013)

The Third Sin (2015)

Kelso Strang, a detective inspector, later DCI, in Edinburgh and elsewhere in Scotland:

Human Face (2018)

Carrion Comfort (2018)

Devil’s Garden (2020)


Death Is My Neighbour (1984)

Last Act of All (1995)

Past Praying For (1996)

The Trumpet Shall Sound (1997)

Night and Silence (1999)

Shades of Death (2001)

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