Douglas Skelton
Davie McCall, a gangster working for Joe “the Tailor” Klein, starting in 1980s Glasgow, Scotland:

Blood City (2013)

Crow Bait (2014)

Devil’s Knock (2015)

Open Wounds (2016)

Dominic Queste, a maverick private investigator who finds lost souls, in Glasgow, Scotland:

The Dead Don’t Boogie (2016)

Tag — You’re Dead (2017)

Rebecca Connolly, an investigative reporter for the Highland Chronicle, in Scotland:

Thunder Bay (2019) [review]

The Blood Is Still (2020)

A Rattle of Bones (2022)


The Janus Run (2018)

True crime and non-fiction:

Frightener: The Glasgow Ice-Cream Wars (1992)

No Final Solution: Great Scottish Unsolved Crimes of the Twentieth Century (1994)

Blood on the Thistle: Casebook of Twentieth Century Scottish Murder (1994)

A Time To Kill (1995)

Devil’s Gallop: Trips into Scotland’s Dark and Bloody Past (2001)

Deadlier than the Male: Scotland’s Most Wicked Women (2003)

Bloody Valentine: Scotland’s Crimes of Passion (2004)

Indian Peter: The Extraordinary Life and Adventures of Peter Williamson (2004)

Scotland’s Most Wanted (2006)

Glasgow’s Black Heart: A City’s Life of Crim (2009)

Dark Heart: Tales from Edinburgh’s Town Jail (2012)

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