Margaret Scherf
Lt. Ryan, a cop in New York City:

The Owl in the Cellar (1945)

Murder Makes Me Nervous (1948)

Emily and Henry Bryce, interior decorators in Manhattan, New York City:

The Gun in Daniel Webster’s Bust (1949)

The Green Plaid Pants (1951)
APA: The Corpse with One Shoe (1951)

Glass on the Stairs (1954)

The Diplomat and the Gold Piano (1963)
APA: Death and the Diplomat (1964)

Reverend Martin Buell, an Episcopal rector in Farmington, Montana:

Always Murder a Friend (1948)

Gilbert’s Last Toothache (1949)
APA: For the Love of Murder (1950)

The Curious Custard Pie (1950)
APA: Devine and Deadly (1953)

The Elk and the Evidence (1952)

The Cautious Overshoes (1956)

Never Turn Your Back (1959)

The Corpse in the Flannel Nightgown (1965)

Dr. Grace Severance, a retired pathologist in Arizona:

The Banker’s Bones (1968)

The Beautiful Birthday Cake (1971)

To Cache a Millionaire (1972)

The Beaded Banana (1978)


The Corpse Grows a Beard (1940)

The Case of the Kippered Corpse (1941)

They Came to Kill (1942)

Dead: Senate Office Building (1953)
APA: The Case of the Hated Senator (1954)

Judicial Body (1957)

If You Want a Murder Well Done (1974)

Don’t Wake Me Up While I’m Driving (1977)

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