Robert Ryan
Dr. John Watson investigates on the front and behind the lines during World War I:

Dead Man’s Land (2012)

The Dead Can Wait (2014)
Finalist 2014 Historical Dagger Award

A Study in Murder (2015)

The Case of the Six Watsons (2015) [SS] [ebook]

The Sign of Fear (2016)


Underdogs (1999)

Nine Mil (2000)

Trans Am (2001)

Dying Day (2007)

Signal Red (2010) [Great Train Robbery]

Other fiction (written as Robert Ryan)
The post World War 2 historical trilogy:

After Midnight (2005)

The Last Sunrise (2006)

Dying Day (2007)

Written as Tom Neale
Vince Piper, an FBI agent field officer stationed in London, England:

Steel Rain (2005)

Copper Kiss (2006)

Written as RJ Bailey
joint pseudonym of Robert Ryan and wife

Sam Wylde, a female “personal protection officer” (bodyguard) of the rich and powerful, in the UK and Europe:

Safe from Harm (2016)
Finalist 2018 Barry Award for Best Paperback

Nobody Gets Hurt (2017)

Winner Kills All (2019)
Finalist 2020 Barry Award for Best Paperback Original Mystery/Crime Novel

Other fiction:

The Last Sunrise (2006)

Empire of Sand (2008) [Lawrence of Arabia]

Death on the Ice (2009) [Robert Falcon Scott]

The Morning, Noon and Night World War II adventure saga:

Early One Morning (2002)

The Blue Noon (2003)

Night Crossing (2004)

After Midnight (2005)

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