Rosemary Rowe
Rosemary Rowe Aitken
Libertus, a mosaicist and an expert in puzzles and patterns, living in the ancient Roman town of Glevum (now Gloucester), England:

The Germanicus Mosaic (1999)

A Pattern of Blood (2000)

Murder in the Forum (2001)

The Chariots of Calyx (2002)

The Legatus Mystery (2003)

The Ghosts of Glevum (2004)

Enemies of the Empire (2005)

A Roman Ransom (2006)

A Coin for the Ferryman (2007)

Death at Pompeia’s Wedding (2008)

Requiem for a Slave (2010)

The Vestal Vanishes (2011)

A Whispering of Spies (2012)

Dark Omens (2013)

The Fateful Day (2014)

The Ides of June (2016)

The Price of Freedom (2017)

A Prisoner of Privilege (2019)

A Dreadful Destiny (2021)

The Rewards of Treachery (2023)


Masterclass: Writing Crime Fiction (2014)


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