Mary Roberts Rinehart
Letitia (Tish) Carberry:

The Amazing Adventures of Letitia Carberry (1911) [SS]

Tish (1916) [SS, some mysteries]

More Tish (1921) [SS, some mysteries]

The Book of Tish (1926) [SS, one mystery]

Tish Plays the Game (1926) [SS, some mysteries]

Tish Marches On (1937) [SS, some mysteries]

Hilda Adams, a nurse known to the police as Miss Pinkerton:

The Buckled Bag1, 2 (1914)

Locked Doors1, 2 (1914)

Miss Pinkerton2 (1932)
APA: The Double Alibi (1932)

The Haunted Lady2 (1942)

The Secret3 (1950)


The Circular Staircase4 (1908)
APA: The Bat (1926) [renovelized from stage play based on original]

The Man in Lower Ten (1909)

The Window at the White Cat1 (1910)

Where There’s a Will (1912)

The Case of Jennie Brice4 (1913)

The After House1 (1914)

Dangerous Days (1919)

Sight Unseen and The Confession (1921) [novellas]

The Red Lamp1 (1925)
APA: The Mystery Lamp (1925)

Two Flights Up (1928)

The Romantics (1929) [SS, some mysteries]

The Door (1930)

The Album (1933)

The State vs. Elinor Norton (1933)
APA: The Case of Elinor Norton (1934)

Married People (1937) [SS, some mysteries]

The Wall (1938)

The Great Mistake (1940)

Familiar Faces (1943) [SS, some mysteries]

Alibi for Isabel and Other Stories (1944) [SS]

The Yellow Room (1945)

The Curve of the Catenary (1945)

Episode of the Wandering Knife5 (1950)
APA: The Wandering Knife (1952)

The Swimming Pool (1952)
APA: The Pool (1952)

The Frightened Wife and Other Murder Stories (1953) [SS]

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