Linda L. Richards
Madeline Carter, a former stockbroker in New York, turned day trader in Los Angeles, California:

Mad Money (2004) [review]
Finalist 2005 Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel

The Next Ex (2005)

Calculated Loss (2006)

Kitty Pangborn, secretary to private eye Dexter J. Theroux, in 1930s Los Angeles, California:

Death Was the Other Woman (2008) [review]

Death Was in the Picture (2009)
2010 Panik Award: Best Los Angeles Noir

Death Was in the Blood (2013)

Nicole Charles, a rookie reporter working as a gossip columnist, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:

If It Bleeds (2014)

When Blood Lies (2016) [Rapid Reads]
Finalist 2017 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novella
A nameless woman who becomes a hitwoman after her son dies in a fire she caused by accident:

Endings (2021)

Exit Strategy (2022)


The Indigo Factor (2012)


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