Maurice Procter
Philip Hunter, a detective superintendent, in fictional Yoreborough (York), England:

The Chief Inspector’s Statement (1951)
APA: The Pennycross Murders (1953)

I Will Speak Daggers (1956)
APA: The Ripper (1956)
APA: The Ripper Murders (1957)

Harry Martineau, a detective inspector, later Detective Chief Inspector, in fictional Granchester, “Metropolis of the North”, England:

Hell Is a City (1954)
APA: Somewhere in This City (1954)
APA: Murder Somewhere in This City (1956)

The Midnight Plumber (1957)

Man in Ambush (1958)

Killer at Large (1959)

Devil’s Due (1960)

The Devil Was Handsome (1961)

A Body To Spare (1962)

Moonlight Flitting (1963)
APA: The Graveyard Rolls (1964)

Two Men in Twenty (1964)
Finalist 1964 Gold Dagger Award

Death Has a Shadow (1965)
APA: Homicide Blonde (1965)

His Weight in Gold (1966)

Rogue Running (1966)

Exercise Hoodwink (1967)

Hideaway (1968)

The Dog Man (1969)


No Proud Chivalry (1946)

Each Man’s Destiny (1947)

The End of the Street (1949)

Hurry the Darkness (1952)

Rich Is the Treasure (1952)

The Pub Crawler (1956)

Three at the Angel (1958)

The Spearhead Death (1961)

Devil in Moonlight (1962)

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