Chris Nickson
Richard Nottingham, Constable of Leeds, in 1730s England:

The Broken Token (2010) [review]

Cold Cruel Winter (2011)

The Constant Lovers (2012)

Come the Fear (2012)

At the Dying of the Year (2013)

Fair and Tender Ladies (2013)

Free from All Danger (2017)

John, an itinerant carpenter orphaned by the Black Death, in 1360s Chesterfield, England:

The Crooked Spire (2014)

The Saltergate Psalter (2016)

The Holywell Dead (2017)

Laura Benton, a music journalist beginning in late 1980s Seattle, Washington [ebooks]:

Emerald City (2013)

West Seattle Blues (2014)

Tom Harper, a detective inspector in 1890s Leeds, England:

Gods of Gold (2014)

Two Bronze Pennies (2015)

Skin like Silver (2016)

The Iron Water (2016)

On Copper Street (2017)

The Tin God (2018)

The Leaden Heart (2019)

The Molton City (2020)

Brass Lives (2021)

A Dark Steel Death (2022)

Rusted Souls (2023)

Dan Markham, an enquiry agent in mid-1950s Leeds, England:

Dark Briggate Blues (2015)

The New Eastgate Swing (2016)

Lottie Armstrong, beginning as a police constable in 1924, then in 1944, in Leeds, England:

Modern Crimes (2016)

The Year of the Gun (2017)

Simon Westow, a former workhouse orphan working as a thieftaker (recovering items stolen from the rich) in 1820s Leeds, England:

The Hanging Psalm (2019)

The Hocus Girl (2020)

To the Dark (2021)

The Blood Covenant (2022)

The Dead Will Rise (2023)

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