John D. Nesbitt
Non-series western and frontier mysteries:

Black Diamond Rendezvous (1998)

Black Hat Butte (2003)

Red Wind Crossing (2003)

Rancho Alegre (2005)

Raven Springs (2007)

Death at Dark Water (2008)

Trouble at the Redstone (2008)

Poacher’s Moon (2008)

Stranger in Thunder Basin (2009)

Not a Rustler (2010)

Two Novellas: Dead for the Last Time & Trouble in the Labor Camp (2012)

Field Work (2012)

Dark Prairie (2013)

Across the Cheyenne River (2014)

Don’t Be a Stranger (2015)

Death in Cantera (2016)

Other fiction, westerns, historical and contemporary:

One-Eyed Cowboy Wild (1994)

Twin Rivers (1995)

One Foot in the Stirrup (1995) [SS]

Wild Rose of Ruby Canyon (1997)

Antelope Sky: Stories of the Modern West (1997) [SS]

Keep The Wind in Your Face (1998)

Adventures of the Ramrod Rider (1999)

Seasons in the Fields: Stories of a Golden West (1998) [SS]

A Good Man To Have in Camp (1999)

Coyote Trail (2000)

North of Cheyenne (2000)

Man from Wolf River (2001)

For the Norden Boys (2002)

West of Rock River (2004)

Lonesome Range (2006)

Shadows on the Plain (2005) [SS]

Gather My Horses (2010)

Justice at Redwillow (2015)

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