Tennessee Mysteries
Deborah Adams
  • Jesus Creek: an eccentric small town in Tennessee

Riley Adams (Elizabeth Spann Craig)
  • Lulu Taylor: owner of Aunt Pat’s rib joint, in Memphis, Tennessee, in the Memphis Barbeque mysteries

Jefferson Bass
  • Dr. Bill Brockton: forensic anthropologist in Tennessee

Chester Campbell
  • Sid Chance: private investigator in Nashville, Tennessee
  • Greg McKenzie: a retired Air Force criminal investigator in Nashville, Tennessee

J.J. Cook (Joyce & Jim Lavene)
  • Stella Griffin: a former Chicago fire fighter, now the fire chief for Sweet Pepper, Tennessee, along with the ghost of former fire chief Eric Gamlyn, in the Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade mysteries
J.T. Ellison
  • Taylor Jackson: homicide lieutenant, and her lover, FBI profiler John Baldwin, in Nashville, Tennessee
  • Samantha Owens: medical examiner from Tennessee

Christy Tillery French
  • Natasha Chamberlain: young investigator, and Jonce Striker, founder of Investigative Services, Inc., in Knoxville, Tennessee

Daniel Friedman
  • Buck Schatz: 80-something retired cop with memory problems, in Memphis, Tennessee

Bente Gallagher (Jennie Bentley)
  • Savannah Martin: real estate agent and southern belle, in Nashville, Tennessee

Barbara Graham
  • Tony Abernathy, the sheriff, and his wife, Theo, a quilt shop owner, in fictional Park County, in eastern Tennessee

Jackie Griffey
  • Cas Larkin: sheriff in fictional Pine County, Tennessee, in the Maryville series
  • Maggie Murphy: recently widowed 24-year-old, whose dead husband’s ghost Horace hangs around, and patrolman Joe Driver, in Memphis, Tennessee
Daniel M. Klein
  • Elvis Presley: back from his tour of duty in Germany, singing and sleuthing in Tennessee

Meg London (Peg Cochran)
  • Emma Taylor: moving back home to help run her aunt’s lingerie boutique, in Paris, Tennessee, in the Sweet Nothings Lingerie mysteries

Molly MacRae
  • Kath Rutledge: a textile preservationist, inheriting her grandmother’s wool shop, along with a depressed ghost, in fictional Blue Plum, Tennessee, in the Haunted Yarn Shop series

Gregory McDonald
  • Skylar Whitfield: small-town good-ol’-boy in Tennessee

Kris Nelscott
  • Smokey Dalton: an African-American unlicensed private investigator in Memphis, Tennessee
Scott Pratt
  • Joe Dillard: jaded lawyer in rural Tennessee

Delia Rosen
  • Gwen Katz Silver, from Manhattan, inheriting a Jewish deli, Murray’s Pastrami Swami, in Nashville, Tennessee, in the Deadly Deli mysteries

James Sallis
  • John Turner: an ex-con and ex-psychotherapist, now a deputy sheriff in Cripple Creek, Tennessee

Jaden Terrell
  • Jared Mckean: ex-cop in his mid-30s, now a private investigator, with a fondness for horses, a son with Down Syndrome, and an ex-wife, in Nashville, Tennessee

Cecelia Tishy
  • Kate Banning: a former Boston investigative reporter and trade magazine editor in Nashville, Tennessee

Lisa Turner
  • Billy Able: police detective in Memphis, Tennessee

Steven Womack
  • Harry James Denton: ex-newspaper reporter turned private investigator in Nashville, Tennessee

Richard Yancey
  • Teddy Ruzak: who failed police academy and wants to be a private investigator, in Knoxville, Tennessee

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