Oklahoma Mysteries
Letha Albright
  • Viv Powers: a small town reporter in the Ozarks of northeastern Oklahoma

William Bernhardt
  • Ben Kincaid: attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Jack Bickham
  • Charity Ross: a 1890s widowed frontier ranch owner in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Donis Casey
  • Alafair Tucker: matriarch of a large family in the early 1900s, in rural Oklahoma

M.E. Cooper
  • Oklahoma quilting series

Susan Rogers Cooper
  • Milt Kovak: sheriff in Prophesy County, Oklahoma
Connie Feddersen
  • Amanda Hazard: a sexy small-town CPA in Vamoose, Oklahoma

Lisa Haddock
  • Carmen Ramirez: a 24-year-old Irish-Puerto Rican lesbian copy editor at her hometown newspaper, in Frontier City, Oklahoma

Jean Hager
  • Molly Bearpaw: major crimes investigator and advocate for the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma
  • Mitch Bushyhead: police chief in Buckskin, Oklahoma

Fred Harris
  • Okie Dunn: sheriff in 1930s Vernon, Oklahoma

Carolyn Hart
  • Bailey Ruth Raeburn, who dies during a storm and then returns as a ghost to help solve crime in her hometown of Adelaide, Oklahoma

Marion Moore Hill
  • Juanita Wills: librarian in fictional Wyndham, Oklahoma, in the Scrappy Librarian series

Sara Sue Hoklotubbe
  • Sadie Walela: daughter of a Cherokee father and white mother, and a banker in the Cherokee Nation of northeastern Oklahoma
Steve Knickmeyer
  • Steve Cranmer: ex-cop who walks with a cane, now a private investigator, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Jim Lehrer
  • One-eyed Mack: the Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma

Mardi Oakley Medawar
  • Tay-bodal: 19th century Kiowa healer in Oklahoma

John Miles (Jack Bickham)
  • Laura Michaels: a retirement center social worker in Timberlake, Oklahoma
M.K. Preston
  • Chantalene Morrell, daughter of a Gypsy mother and a redneck father, in Tetumka, Oklahoma

William Sanders
  • Taggart Roper: a freelance writer, living in a trailer with his dog, and moonlighting as a petty criminal, in Oklahoma

Eve K. Sandstrom
  • Nell Matthews: a newspaper reporter, and Mike Svenson, a police officer, in Grantham, Oklahoma
  Sam Titus: a sheriff, and Nicky Titus, a photographer and wife, in Holton, Oklahoma

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