North Carolina Mysteries
Ellery Adams (Jennifer Stanley)
  • Olivia Limoges: restaurant owner returning with Captain Haviland, a black standard poodle, to her old home town, Oyster Bay, North Carolina

Lucy Arlington (joint pseudonym of Ellery Adams & Sylvia May)
  • Lila Wilkins: 45-year-old unemployed journalist working as an intern at a literary agency, in the utopian town of Inspiration Valley, North Carolina, in the Novel Idea mysteries

Leo Atkins (Clay Harvey pseudonym)
  • Connor Gibbs: private investigator running Quixote Enterprises, in Wendover, North Carolina

Donna Ball
  • Raine Stockton: a retired tracker, and her golden retriever Cisco, in the Smoky Mountains of Hanover County, North Carolina

Sandra Balzo
  • AnnaLise Griggs: returning to her hometown of Sutterton, North Carolina to care for her aging mother, in the Main Street mysteries

Nancy Bartholomew
  • Maggie Reid: a country-western singer in North Carolina

Jessica Beck (Tim Myers)
  • Victoria and Greg: running The Charming Moose Diner in Jasper Fork, North Carolina, in the Classic Diner mysteries
  • Suzanne Hart: proprietor of a smalltown donut shop, with an ex-husband, wacky friend, and hunky cop, in April Springs, North Carolina, in the Donut Shop mysteries

Maggie Bishop
  • Appalachian Adventure mysteries: a variety of characters, including Jemma Chase, a CSI wannabe, and detective Lucky Tucker, in the mountains near Boone, North Carolina

Ellen Block
  • Abigail Harker: who becomes a lighthouse caretaker on Chapel Isle, North Carolina, after her husband and four-year-old son were killed in a Boston fire

Chris Cavender
  • Eleanor Swift: owner of pizza restaurant “A Slice of Delight” in Timber Ridge, North Carolina, by Chris Cavender (Tim Myers)

Alan Cook
  • Lillian Morgan: retired math professor in a retirement community in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Patricia Cornwell
  • Judy Hammer: Chief of Police, Deputy Virginia West, and Andy Brazil, a young reporter turned rookie cop, in North Carolina and Virginia

Elizabeth Spann Craig
  • Myrtle Clover: 80-something retired English teacher who writes a newspaper column, in fictional Bradley, North Carolina
  • Beatrice Coleman: retired art museum curator and amateur sleuth in the fictional mountain village of Dappled Hills, North Carolina, in the Southern Quilting mysteries [written as Elizabeth Craig]

Blake Crouch
  • Andrew Thomas: a successful horror writer in North Carolina

Mark De Castrique
  • Sam Blackman: former Chief Warrant Officer in the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the U.S. military who lost part of his leg in Iraq, in Asheville, North Carolina
  • Barry Clayton: ex-cop who returns home to help run the family funeral home business, in Gainesboro, North Carolina
P.T. Deutermann
  • Cam Richter: former lieutenant in a sheriff’s office, now running a private detective agency, in Manceford County, North Carolina

Helen Goodman
  • Allison Aldridge: 40-something schoolteacher in Holliston, North Carolina
  • Fonnie Beachum: 65-year old retired nurse, recovering stroke victim, and amateur sleuth, in North Carolina

Anne Underwood Grant
  • Sydney Teague: advertising agency owner in Charlotte, North Carolina

Lynette Hampton
  • Willa Hinshaw: a spunky associate minister at Liverpoole First United Methodist Church. In Liverpoole, North Carolina

Clay Harvey
  • Tyler Vance: ex-operative, free-lance writer and gun expert in North Carolina

Richard Helms
  • Judd Wheeler: chief of police in the fictional town of Prosperity, North Carolina

Linda Howard
  • Blair Mallory: health club owner in North Carolina

Jody Jaffe
  • Natalie Gold: reporter on the horse show circuit in Charlotte, North Carolina
Toni L.P. Kelner
  • Laura Fleming: a small-town Southern sleuth in Byerly, North Carolina

Vicki Lane
  • Elizabeth Goodweather: 50-something widow and proprietor of an herb and flower farm near Asheville, North Carolina, in the Appalachians

Joyce and Jim Lavene
  • Sharyn Howard: the Sheriff in Diamond Springs, North Carolina
  • Peggy Lee: a botanist and garden shop owner, in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Dae O’Donnell: the mayor of the small town of Duck, North Carolina, who runs a collectible shop and uses her psychic abilities to find lost things, in the Missing Pieces mysteries

Deborah J Ledford
  • Steven Hawk: sheriff’s deputy in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina

Kathryn Lilley
  • Kate Gallagher: plus-sized TV producer laid off and left by her boyfriend, in Durham, North Carolina, in the Fat City mysteries

Michael Malone
  • Justin Savile and Cuddy Mangum: a pair of police detectives in a small town in North Carolina

Margaret Maron
  • Deborah Knott: district judge in North Carolina

Carol Ann Martin
  • Della Wright: owner of a weaving studio in Briar Hollow, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, in the Weaving mysteries

Casey Mayes (Tim Myers)
  • Savannah Stone, a math puzzle creator, and her husband Zach, a retired Charlotte police chief, in rural North Carolina, in the Mystery by the Numbers series

Kathryn O’Sullivan
  • Colleen McCabe: fire chief and amateur sleuth, in the small town of Corolla, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina

Robert McCammon
  • Matthew Corbett: young magistrate’s clerk, in 1699 Carolina and 1703 New York City

Lee Mims
  • Cleo Cooper: geologist in North Carolina

Katy Munger
  • Casey Jones: private eye in North Carolina

Tamar Myers
  • Abigail Timberlake: owner of the Den of Antiquity in Charlotte, North Carolina

Tim Myers
  • Alex Winston: owner of the Hatteras West Inn and Lighthouse in the Blue Ridge Mountain foothills in North Carolina

Barbara Neely
  • Blanche White: middle-aged black domestic in North Carolina

T. Lynn Ocean
  • Jersey Barnes: former marine anti-terrorist specialist turned private security investigator and bar owner, in Wilmington, North Carolina
Jeff Pate
  • Clark Hager: an FBI-trained profiler working in North Carolina

JD Rhoades
  • Jack Keller: a bounty hunter in Fayetteville, North Caroline

Ann B. Ross
  • Miss Julia: an elderly widow in Abbotsville, North Carolina

Mark Schweizer
  • Hayden Konig: police chief, and choir director and organist at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, in the Appalachian town of St. Germaine, North Carolina

Sarah R. Shaber
  • Simon Shaw: a professor of history in Raleigh, North Carolina

Elizabeth Daniels Squire
  • Peaches Dann: an absent-minded 50-something widow in North Carolina

J.B. Stanley
  • Molly Appleby: a writer for Collector’s Weekly magazine, in North Carolina and Virginia

Jane Tesh
  • Madeline “Mac” Maclin: divorced former local beauty queen, and struggling private investigator, in Celosia, North Carolina
  • David Randall: private detective, and his psychic friend Camden, in Parkland, North Carolina, in the Grace Street mysteries

Chassie West
  • Leigh Ann Warren: a police officer in North Carolina

Karen White
  • Melanie Middleton: inheriting an historic home with ghosts, in Charleston, South Carolina

Susan Whitfield
  • Logan Hunter: State Bureau of Investigation agent, in North Carolina

Sharon Wildwind
  • Elizabeth “Pepper” Pepperhawk: army nurse captain returning from Vietnam, and Avivah Rosen, a military police captain, in the early 1970s at Fort Bragg, North Carolina

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