Kentucky Mysteries
Frankie Y. Bailey
  • Professor Lizabeth “Lizzie” Stuart: 30-something African-American crime historian, in Kentucky and Virginia

John Birkett
  • Michael Rhinehart: private investigator in Louisville, Kentucky

Mike Bradford
  • Davis and Kitty Winthorpe: in Louisville, Kentucky

Dean Feldmeyer
  • Rev. Daniel Thompson: small-town Methodist minister with some personal problems, in Baird, Kentucky

Lynn S. Hightower
  • Lena Page: private eye in Lexington Kentucky

Cathie John
  • Nick Cavanaugh: Navy vet and Fleet Boxing Champ in 1940s Newport, Kentucky

Barbara Taylor McCafferty
  • Haskell Blevins: private eye in Pigeon Fork, Kentucky
  • Nan and Bert Tatum: identical twins in Louisville, Kentucky

Tierney McClellan (Barbara Taylor McCafferty)
  • Schuyler Ridgway: sassy Realtor in Louisville, Kentucky

Kate Morgan
  • Dewey James: 60-something small town librarian in Hamilton, Kentucky

E. Joan Sims
  • Paisley Sterling: author of children's books in Rowan Springs, Kentucky

Deborah Woodworth
  • Sister Rose Callahan: eldress of the community of believers at the Shaker village of North Homage, Kentucky

Sally Wright
  • Jo Grant: architect who returns home in 1962 to Lexington, Kentucky, to run the family broodmare farm

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