Mysteries set in Wales
Cathy Ace
  • The WISE Enquiries Agency (women investigators from Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and England), based in Wales

Harry Bingham
  • Fiona Griffiths: young detective constable with a philosophy degree from Cambridge, in Cardiff, Wales

Rhys Bowen
  • Evan Evans: village constable in Llanfair, Wales

Glyn Carr
  • Sir Abercrombie (“Filthy”) Lewker: former commando and pompous Shakespearean actor who solves murders while mountaineering, mainly in Wales and the Alps

Desmond Cory
  • John Dobie: Professor of Mathematics in Cardiff, Wales

David Craig (Bill James)
 • Sally Bithron: detective constable in Cardiff, Wales
  • David Brade and Glyndwr Jenkins: police detectives in Cardiff, Wales

Elizabeth J. Duncan
  • Penny Brannigan: manicurist and expatriate Canadian living in Llanelen, Wales

Ewart Hutton
  • Glyn Capaldi: half-Italian, half-Welsh detective sergeant exiled to mountainous mid-Wales

Robert Lewis
  • Robin Llewellyn: Welsh private investigator with a fondness for drink, in Bristol, England, and Swansea, Wales

Llwyd Owen
  • Non-series crime and suspense set in Wales

Malcolm Pryce
  • Louie Knight: private investigator in Aberystwyth, Wales, in a comic Welsh noir series

Candace M. Robb
  • Owen Archer: medieval Welsh spy for the Archbishop

Alison G. Taylor
  • Michael McKenna: detective chief inspector (DCI) in Wales

David Williams
  • DCI Merlin Parry and DS Gomer Lloyd: policemen in Cardiff, Wales

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