Sweden Mysteries
Karin Alvtegen
  • Non-series mysteries set in Sweden
Anders de la Motte
  • Henrik “HP” Petterson: a slacker who finds a strange cell phone on a commuter train, in Stockholm, Sweden, in the Game trilogy

Åke Edwardson
  • Jonathan Wide: divorced ex-policeman turned private detective, in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Erik Winter: jazz-loving Chief Inspector of police, in Gothenburg, Sweden

Kerstin Ekman
  • Annie Raft: north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden

Kjell Eriksson
  • Ann Lindell and Ola Haver: detectives in the Violent Crime Division, in Uppsala, Sweden

Inger Frimansson
  • Justine Dalvik in Hässelby, Sweden

Carin Gerhardsen
  • Conny Sjöberg: police detective in the Hammarby police station in Stockholm, Sweden

Camilla Grebe & Åsa Träff
  • Siri Bergman: 34-year-old psychologist living in an isolated cottage, working in Stockholm, Sweden

Anna Jansson
  • Maria Wern: police detective in the town of Visby, on Gotland island, Sweden

Mari Jungstedt
  • Anders Knutas: police inspector on Gotland island, Sweden
Mons Kallentoft
  • Malin Fors: 30-something divorced mother of a teenage daughter, and an ambitious detective inspector, in Linköping, Sweden

Robert Karjel
  • Ernst Grip: agent of the Swedish security police working with the US military and the FBI

Lars Kepler
  • Joona Linna: detective inspector in Stockholm, Sweden

Camilla Läckberg
  • Patrik Hedstrom: police detective, and Erica Falck, a writer, in the fishing town of Fjällbacka, Sweden

Åsa Larsson
  • Rebecka Martinsson: tax attorney in Stockholm, called back to her hometown Kiruna, north of the Arctic Circle, in Sweden

Stieg Larsson
  • The Millennium trilogy

Jens Lapidus
  • Teddy, an ex-con trying to reform, and Emelie, a new lawyer, in Stockholm, Sweden
  • The criminal underground in Stockholm, Sweden, in the Stockholm Noir trilogy

Henning Mankell
  • Kurt Wallander: inspector in Ystad, Sweden

Liza Marklund
  • Annika Bengtzon: novice reporter, later crime editor, for Kvallspressen, a tabloid in Stockholm, Sweden

Håkan Nesser
  • Chief Inspector Van Veeteren: veteran of 30 years of police work who appreciates fine food and drink, in a country that resembles Sweden

Kristina Ohlsson
  • Fredrika Bergman: investigative analyst with a special unit of the federal police in Sweden

Håkan Östlundh
  • Fredrik Broman: police detective on the island of Gotland, Sweden
Leif GW Persson
  • Police procedurals, with ensemble casts, centered in Stockholm, Sweden

  • Ewert Grens, a detective inspector, and Sven Sundkvist, a police officer, in Stockholm, Sweden

Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö
  • Martin Beck: police inspector in Stockholm, Sweden

Alexander Söderberg
  • Sophie Brinkmann: a nurse and single mother tangled up with organized crime, in Stockholm, Sweden

Johan Theorin
  • The Öland Quartet: one book for each season of the year on the island of Öland, Sweden

Helene Tursten
  • Irene Huss: detective inspector in the Violent Crimes Unit in Goteborg, Sweden

Karin Wahlber
  • Claes Claesson: detective, later Police Commissioner, and his wife Veronika Lundborg, a surgeon, in Oskarshamn, Sweden

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