Ireland & Northern Ireland Mysteries
Lisa Alber
  • Merrit Chase: a Californian searching for relatives in Ireland, in the County Clare mysteries

Vincent Banville
  • John Blaine: private investigator in Dublin, Ireland

Colin Bateman
  • Dan Starkey: journalist in Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • The Small Bookseller with No Name who becomes an investigator when the detective agency next door goes out of business, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in the Mystery Man series

Benjamin Black (John Banville)
  • Quirke: coroner in 1950s Dublin, Ireland

Ingrid Black
  • Saxon: former US FBI agent turned true-crime writer, and Grace Fitzgerald, Detective Chief Superintendent with the murder squad, in Dublin, Ireland

Conor Brady
  • Joe Swallow: detective sergeant in 1880s Dublin, Ireland

John Brady
  • Matt Minogue: police sergeant detective in Dublin, Ireland

Ken Bruen
  • Jack Taylor: dismissed from the Garda Síochána (Irish police) for drinking, now finding things for people in Galway, Ireland, since “private eye” sounds too much like “informer” to the Irish

Paul Charles
  • Inspector Starrett: of the Garda Serious Crime Unit, in County Donegal, Ireland

Sheila Connolly
  • Maura Donovan, fulfilling her grandmother’s wish by returning from Boston to the original family home in the small town of Leap, Ireland, in the County Cork mysteries
Dicey Deere
  • Torrey Tunet: 28-year-old translator from Boston, Massachusetts, stuck in Ballynagh, Ireland

Eilís Dillon
  • Mike Kenny: police inspector in Dublin, Ireland

Ann C. Fallon
  • James Fleming: solicitor in Dublin, Ireland

Roy French
  • Daniel Riordan: the Raven, once the most feared paramilitary enforcer in Ireland

Bartholomew Gill
  • Peter McGarr: police officer in Dublin, Ireland

Jonathan Harrington
  • Danny O’Flaherty: American teacher researching his family’s roots in Ireland, and in New York City

Cora Harrison
  • Reverend Mother Aquinas, in 1920s Cork, Ireland
  • Mara: a female judge and lawgiver appointed by King Turlough Donn O’Brien in the early 16th century, on the west coast of Ireland, in the Burren mysteries

Erin Hart
  • Cormac Maguire: Irish archaeologist, and Nora Gavin, an American pathologist, in Ireland

Jack Higgins
  • Liam Devlin: IRA hero in 1940s Ireland
  • Sean Dillon: IRA enforcer turned British special agent in Ireland
  • Dougal Munro: a brigadier, and Jack Carter, a captain, in 1940s Ireland

Casey Hill
  • Reilly Steel: US-trained CSI investigator in Dublin, Ireland

Declan Hughes
  • Ed Loy: Irish private investigator who has been living in Los Angeles, returning home to Dublin, Ireland
Michael Kenyon
  • Superintendent O’Malley: of the Irish Garda

Brian McGilloway
  • Benedict Devlin: Garda detective inspector, in the borderlands of Ireland

Claire McGowan
  • Paula Maguire: forensic psychologist, returning from London to Ballyterrin, Northern Ireland

Adrian McKinty
  • Sean Duffy: detective sergeant in 1980s Northern Ireland, in the Troubles Trilogy

Sam Millar
  • Karl Kane: private investigator in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Stuart Neville
  • Jack Lennon: detective inspector in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Niamh O’Connor
  • Jo Birmingham: detective inspector and single mother in Dublin, Ireland

Gerard O’Donovan
  • Mike Mulcahy, a detective inspector, and Siobhan Fallon, chief reporter for the Sunday Herald, in Dublin, Ireland

Victor O’Reilly
  • Hugo Fitzduane: photographer and current occupant of his family’s ancient castle in Ireland
Julie Parsons
  • Michael McLoughlin: detective inspector, later retired, in Dublin, Ireland

Louise Phillips
  • Dr. Kate Pearson: criminal psychologist working with the police, in Dublin, Ireland

Anthony J. Quinn
  • Celcius Daly: Catholic detective inspector in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Michael Russell
  • Stefan Gillespie: Garda detective sergeant in 1930s Dublin, Ireland

Ian Sansom
  • Israel Armstrong: Jewish vegetarian from London, in charge of a mobile library in the village of Tumdrum, Northern Ireland, in the Mobile Library mysteries

Peter Tremayne
  • Sister Fidelma: 7th century Celtic sister and legal advocate in Kildare, Ireland

Nancy Means Wright
  • Mary Wollstonecraft: the 18th century English feminist, working as a governess at Mitchelstown Castle, in County Cork, Ireland

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