Mysteries Set in Germany

Jakob Arjouni
  • Kemal Kayankaya: private investigator of Turkish background, in Frankfurt, Germany

P.J. Brackston
  • Gretel (yes, that Gretel), now a 35-year-old private investigator, and her brother Hans, in 1770s Bavaria, Germany, in the Brothers Grimm mysteries

Rebecca Cantrell
  • Hannah Vogel: crime reporter in 1930s Berlin, Germany
David Downing
  • John Russell: British journalist working as an amateur spy in 1939 Berlin, Germany

Michael Gregorio
  • Hanno Stiffeniis: magistrate in the Napoleonic era, in early 1800s Konigsberg, Prussia

Paul Grossman
  • Willi Kraus, a decorated soldier in WWI, and the most celebrated Jewish detective in Weimar Germany

Jack D. Hunter
  • Bruno Stachel: the German flying ace from WWI to 1945
Philip Kerr
  • Bernie Gunther: German private eye who hates the Nazis, in Berlin, Germany, 1936-47

Hans Hellmut Kirst
  • Konstantin Keller: retiring detective inspector, in Munich, Germany

John Lawton
  • Joe Wilderness: with a dubious past in the military and MI-6 after World War II, now working covertly for his former black market partner in 1963 Berlin, Germany

John Le Beau
  • Franz Waldbaer: Bavarian Kommissar of Police, assisted by CIA operational specialists, in Germany and elsewhere

Nele Neuhaus
  • Oliver von Bodenstein, Kriminalhauptkommissar (chief superintendant), and his colleague Pia Kirchhoff, a police detective, in the Tanus mountain region of Germany
Elizabeth Peters
  • Vicky Bliss: American art historian in Bavaria, Germany

Oliver Pötzsch
  • Jakob Kuisl, the hangman of Schongau, his clever and headstrong daughter Magdalena, and Simon Fronwieser, the son of the town doctor, in mid-17th century Bavaria, Germany

Jonathan Rabb
  • Nikolai Hoffner: police detective starting in 1919, continuing into the Weimar period in Berlin, Germany

Julian Rathbone
  • Renata Fechter: head of a squad of eco-cops in Germany

Craig Russell
  • Jan Fabel: Scottish-German police detective (Kriminalhauptkommissar), in Hamburg, Germany

Bernhard Schlink
  • Gerhard Self: former public prosecutor during the Nazi era, now a private investigator in his late 60s, in 1980s Mannheim, in the newly unified Germany

Christoph Spielberg
  • Felix Hoffmann: experienced emergency room doctor and reluctant sleuth, and his girlfriend Celine, in Berlin, Germany

Ross Thomas
  • “Mac” McCorkle: saloon owner, and Mike Padillo, a spy, in Bonn, Germany

Morley Torgov
  • Hermann Preiss: police inspector dealing with the likes of Robert & Clara Schumann and Richard Wagner in mid-19th century Düsseldorf and Munich, Germany

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