Mysteries Set in West Midlands
David Armstrong
  • Frank Kavanagh: detective inspector, and later, detective constable Jane Salt, in Birmingham, England

Lindsay Ashford
  • Dr. Megan Rhys: forensic psychologist in Birmingham, England

Maureen Carter
  • Bev Morriss: lippy but loveable detective sergeant in Birmingham, England
  • Sarah Quinn: detective inspector in Birmingham, England, by Maureen Carter

Chris Collett
  • Tom Mariner: detective inspector in Birmingham, England

Judith Cutler
  • Kate Power: former London Metropolitan Police detective now in Birmingham, England
  • Sophie Rivers: a college lecturer and amateur singer in Birmingham, England

Sara Fraser
  • Thomas Potts: reluctant constable of Tardebrigge parish, in 1820s Worcestershire, England

Valerie Kershaw
  • Mitch Mitchell: long-time radio journalist, and her 70-year-old Chinese partner in the detective agency Mitchell and Orient Bureau, former Royal Navy laundryman Tommy Hung, in Birmingham, England

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