Mysteries Set in Japan
Barry Eisler
  • John Rain: freelance assassin in Tokyo, Japan

Dale Furutani
  • Matsuyama Kaze: 17th century rogue samurai in rural Japan

Keigo Higashino
  • Manabu Yukawa (“Detective Galileo”), a brilliant physics professor, and police detective Kusanagi, in Tokyo, Japan
Barry Lancet
  • Jim Brodie: bilingual part-owner of Brodie Investigations, a detective agency founded by his father in Tokyo, and the operator of a Japanese art and antique gallery in San Francisco, California

John P. Marquand
  • Mr. Moto: Japanese secret agent

Sujata Massey
  • Rei Shimura: Japanese-American English teacher who would like to become an antiques dealer, in Tokyo, Japan

Seicho Matsumoto
  • Non-series psychological thrillers set in Japan

James Melville
  • Tetsuo Otani: Superintendent of Police in Kobe, Japan

Shizuko Natsuki
  • Non-series set in Japan

Arimasa Osawa
  • Samejima: maverick police detective, in Tokyo, Japan
I.J. Parker
  • Sugawara no Akitada: sleuth in 11th century Japan

Laura Joh Rowland
  • Sano Ichiro: samurai and private investigator for the shogun, in the 1600s in Edo, Japan

Guy Stanley
  • Araki: investigative journalist in Tokyo, Japan

Akimitsu Takagi
  • Non-series books set in Japan

Peter Tasker
  • Kazuo Mori: down-at-heel ex-radical private investigator, in Tokyo, Japan

Masako Togawa
  • Non-series books set in Japan

Ann Woodward
  • Lady Aoi: lady-in-waiting, trained in Chinese healing arts, in the late Heian period (1020s), at the Imperial Palace, Kyoto, Japan

Misa Yamamura
  • Non-series books set in Japan

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