South Africa Mysteries
Wessel Ebersohn
  • Abigail Bukula: a young black lawyer, and Yudel Gordon, an experienced Jewish prison psychologist, in Johannesburg, South Africa

Richard Kunzmann
  • Jacob Tshabalala: detective inspector, in Johannesburg, South Africa

Jassy Mackenzie
  • Jade de Jong: private investigator returning home 10 years after her police commissioner father was killed, and police superintendent David Patel, in Johannesburg, South Africa

James McClure
  • Tromp Kramer: Afrikaner police detective, and Mickey Zondi, a Bantu police sergeant, in Trekkersburg, South Africa

Rafe McGregor
  • Jack Forrester: in charge of the Special Investigations Unit of the South African Police Service, in Durban, South Africa, in The Secret Trilogy

Deon Meyer
  • Benny Griessel: aging, alcoholic police inspector in Capetown, South Africa

Malla Nunn
  • Emmanuel Cooper: detective sergeant in 1950s South Africa

Roger Smith
  • Non-series set in South Africa

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